My Daddy’s Boss

It was bring your daughter to work day. I was excited to get out of high school for a day and go to my daddy’s office instead.  Daddy was busy with meetings so I decided to explore.  My Daddy’s boss standing in the elevator he was handsome with his salt and pepper hair and so tall; I caught him taking peeks of my round ass.  Giving him a smile I asked if liked the view, and oh he did because he asked me to go to lunch with him!

 Daddy would be busy for hours, so I decided to go.  He took me to this nice place we sat together in a dark corner. Everyone thought he was my daddy but little did they know his hand was cupped on my panty-covered pussy.  He said he couldn’t stop staring at me in the elevator my ass was fucking amazing and so were my tits.  I felt his fingers begin to move over my pussy making my panties wetter by the second!

He kept telling me how sexy I was and how hard I was making his cock.

  I could feel my juices seeping through my panties.  I whispered in his ear “why don’t you take the rest of the day off and take me back to your place?”  Well he didn’t hesitate – licking his fingers we left the restaurant and went back to his place.  I saw the wedding ring on his finger and I knew he was married. I didn’t care, he made me horny and he was going to fuck me, or I was going to tell my daddy!

 His cock was in my hand even before we reached the front door.  Shutting the door behind us, I took off his tie and wrapped it around his eyes and shoved my panties in his mouth. He thought it was so hot; but he didn’t know I was taking pictures of his fat cock in my mouth and his face!  Putting my phone back in my purse I took off the blindfold and took my wet panties out of his mouth.

Sitting on the stairs I told him to get on his knees and lick my bald, pink pussy and like a good boy, and he obeyed. My Daddy’s boss started worshiping my teen pussy and asshole.  Smashing his face into my wet snatch, things got interesting then. His 13 year old son walked in the front door and saw us on the stairs.

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