I’m a dirty little incest slut. 

This Valentine’s day? I’m DADDY’S dirty little incest slut!
Yep, this year? it’s ALL about Daddy! My brother is away at school this weekend. My mom is on a weekend spa retreat with the girls. That leaves Daddy ALL alone in that big house on Valentine’s Day of all days! So, his naughty little girl decided to create some Valentine’s Day excitement with a little daddy/daughter incest fun!

Daddy works SO hard. It’s not fair for him to come home to an empty house and no dinner on a day that’s supposed to be all about love! My mom doesn’t appreciate how good she has it at all! She’s a good little trophy wife to the public eye, but when it gets right down to taking care of Daddy and meeting his needs? She kind of sucks at it. She’s more concerned about her friends, shopping, going for coffee or on vacations, and whether or not her ass looks fat in this or that dress.

MY Daddy deserves to be treated like a king! She should be down on her knees when he gets home, waiting to serve his every need and desire! Instead, he usually comes home to a note about where she is at BESIDES at home waiting for him with dinner ready. So! On Valentine’s Day this year? Daddy is going to get the royal treatment from his little girl! A lonnnnng evening filled with romance and sweet little things for Daddy. And a long night filled with red-hot incest fucking to show Daddy that even if mom doesn’t appreciate how hard he works so that we can have everything our spoiled little hearts desire – I DO.

I have the house all ready for when Daddy gets home later this afternoon! I will greet him at the door when he gets home – completely naked. He will think he’s going to take me right then, but he will just have to wait! There is a rose petal trail leading from the front door to the tub. Where a luxuriously scented bath will be waiting for him, rose petals strewn over the water. Then his sweet lil girl will put him into the tub to soak, and after bringing him a drink, get in there with him! After all, that’s the ONLY proper way to bathe him all over with my heart-shaped sponge!

After his bath, I will dry him off thoroughly, and disappear as he heads to his bedroom. When he gets there, he will find candles lit all over the room. And a basket full of goodies on the bed for our Valentine’s night fun! Whipped cream, a bottle of Hershey’s syrup, and cherries to top his masterpiece, i.e. ME! Along with some other naughty toys! Some cinnamon flavored warming lube. A g-spot vibe to use for teasing me. A packet full of pink feathers to tickle me with once he cuffs my wrists to the bed posts with the fuzzy pink handcuffs in the basket! When he digs real deep to the bottom? Daddy will find a cock ring and a vibrating prostate stimulator.

We’re gonna stay up all night and FUCK. That Viagra Davon stole from his Dad and gave to me should help that fantasy come to life once I put it in his drink! Daddy won’t be able to get enough of his dirty ‘lil incest princess!

What are YOU doing for Valentine’s Day?
If you’re jealous of the night I have planned for my Daddy? Call me! And I’ll pamper, seduce, and FUCK you too!
If you want?

I’ll even call YOU Daddy. 

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