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     I had some time to kill so I ended up on one of my favorite porno sites. I came across a Daddy/daughter role-play video and it reminded me of how much fun it can be. As far as role-plays go Daddy/daughter is definitely one of my favorites. I haven’t done it in a while and after seeing the video I had a strong urge to make ageplay phone sex and Daddy happy. Calling up a former play partner I told him to come to my place at 7 pm because I needed to spend some time with my dear old Dad.

     I unlocked my front door just before 7 pm and headed to my room. I waited until I heard footsteps on the stairs and then began to undress. When I heard them stop outside my bedroom door I began to take off my bra and panties. I slipped into bed naked as he came into my room.

     “Dad! Can’t you knock?!” I cried out as I covered myself with the blankets.

     He sat on the edge of the bed and told me that it was his house and he could do whatever he wanted. It was his house, his rules and I should know that by now. He told me it was going to be cold tonight and that I should wear something to bed so I wouldn’t wake up freezing. I rolled my eyes at him and he told me to behave. He slipped his hand under the covers. He rubbed slowly across my stomach before his hand slipped up to my breasts and touched my hardening nipple.

     “See? You’re cold. Why else would it be hard? Do you want Daddy to make you nice and warm?” he asked.

     “Yes, Daddy,” I said as I moved over in bed so he could climb in beside me.

     He moved his hand down from breasts to my pussy. He slipped a finger in me and told me I was nice and warm there. I spread my legs for him and he slipped two more fingers in. He stroked me as I ground my hips against him. I could feel his hard dick dripping pre-cum on my thigh. I reached down and stroked him.

     “Do you want to take care of that, Daddy?” I asked as I gave him long, slow strokes.

     He slid his fingers out of me. Telling me to be a good girl he spread my legs apart and straddled me. He pushed deep into me. He was big and I could feel him filling and stretching my tight little pussy. My fingers gripped his back as he thrust in and out. I moved against him and told him to fuck me harder. When you call me for adult phone chat, I don’t hold anything back. He did and was pounding my pussy. I clenched my muscles around him and came. He gave a few more thrusts before cumming himself. I felt his hot cum deep inside me.

     He lay on top of me for a second, catching his breath. I rubbed his back as he panted on my neck. He pulled out of me and got out of bed. He kissed me on the forehead and told me to sleep tight.

     “Good night, Daddy,” I said as he turned off the lights and closed the door.