Daddy Wakes Up Sweet Adriana

Daddy wakes me up every morning for school. So when I felt him shaking me to do it, I didn’t think much of it. I opened my eyes and looked around. To my surprise it was still dark and Daddy was now sitting by the edge of the bed. I asked what time it was, instead Daddy just say to shush and start taking off all my clothes. I still didn’t understand anything, until I finally saw his big thick cock throbbing hard.

I took off my top and left my panties on. I was still half asleep but I did as I was told. I slipped my hand down my panties and started moaning fast. It felt so good to just slowly touch my clit as Daddy watched. Next time I knew Daddy was pulling my panties down and laying right in between my legs. He ate my little teen pussy so good. He made me cum a few times. I could feel my juices dripping down my ass.

He flipped me over and told me to spread my ass from behind. He licked up and down my ass crack. Tasting the pussy juices that had dripped. Then, feeling all his weight on me he started teasing me with his cock. Once he pushed it inside me he held my hands down over my head. It felt so good to have him deep inside me. So deep I could feel in in my belly.

Daddy said that he want it me to ride him, and so I did. He laid back and I hopped on his cock. I bounced up and down on his big fat dick. I did it till he filled up. I fell right asleep and when he woke me up the next morning for school, I didn’t know if it had been dream.

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