Daddy Trains My Tight Young Asshole

My round tight bum needs a cock inside it, or at least that’s what Daddy want it. I mean, he had fingered it once or twice before but nothing more than that. So when he whispered in my ear, “Daddy trains your ass tonight princess!”, I was speechless. It all started one morning before school. Once mom left, he and I did what we always do, try to make up for the lonely night without one another. As I was on his straddling him, he started to play a little bit more attention to my ass.

After whispering those words that made me melt and got me nice and wet, I went to school. I thought about it all day and I couldn’t wait to see him that night because mom was working late so that meant him and I had some alone time. When he arrived home he said he had a surprise for me. I opened the pretty pink box and it was a small dildo. I chuckled because I didn’t need one, especially not that size because I had him. Then he told me what he was going to use it for and I blushed.

Daddy lubed up the small dildo as I laid on my back. First, he started eating my pussy. I just love my Daddy’s tongue inside me and sucking on my clit. Once I was dripping wet he started pushing the toy in my tight ass. Nice and slow he got the dildo deep in my teen butthole. It didn’t feel good right away but combined with his tongue on my baby clit it soon felt amazing. As my eyes were closed I felt him pull it out of me and then felt something thicker. Daddy was pushing his big fat cock in my tight teen asshole. He had trained it so good that it slid right in.

With his fingers slightly pinching my clit or sometimes sliding in my cunny and his cock in my butt I came so fast. Daddy couldn’t contain himself and he exploded in my ass. I felt his thick creamy load drip out of me and after that, I was hooked on ass play.

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