Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter. The New Game for Sluts!

Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter isn’t a new thing. Hell, it’s been going on since way back. Well, a long time ago, let’s just say. He watched me from day one, and I watched him too. Never sure of why, but we were fated to be together in the most delicious ways. What can I say? I’m a fucking cum whore! His cock stiffened whenever my Mom asked him to bathe me. She never saw his engorged dick; though, I sure did! Yum. I was too young to know about dicks and pussies, and how they fit together like pieces to a puzzle. Mom kept me under wraps. Guarded, you might say. But, not enough. BIG mistake. Haha.

It started slowly, but then took off like a shot and he wasn’t even trying to protect himself. Clearly, he wasn’t worried about protecting me either. He reached out often to pull me against his stiff dick. Then, he’d wrap his arms around my growing tits, crisscrossing them to wrap over my small shoulders. I can still feel the beating of his pounding heart. He was so excited to be doing it right in front of Mom that the pounding of it nearly threw me forward!

Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter, Little-By-Little!

One day, Daddy had to cum to my school to “talk” to the Headmaster. I was already seated outside the office and nervous when he came through the double doors looking scared something had happened to me. He was relieved to see me sitting there in my tighter-than-should-be-allowed uniform, knee socks, and Mary-Jane shoes. His visage was all I needed to get slippery in my little white cotton panties.  He slid into the seat next to me, took my hands in his, and asked what was going on. He was so good at Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter play!

I asked him to please sit across from me immediately after I told him the Headmaster had suspicions of what might be going on at home. He called me, “precocious”, Daddy! I still wasn’t sure of what the word meant, but it didn’t make me feel like it was something good, Hehe.

Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter 101.

Daddy did some dancing around the questions before Headmaster looked like he believed we simply couldn’t afford a new and better fitting uniform. He took the voucher from Headmaster to pay for a new one. He said to keep the smaller one; as they didn’t take returns. Daddy’s dick nearly burst from his work-pants at that! LOL. He took me home and all the way, his hand glided along my warm, hairless legs. Talk about wetness! Oh, MY! When we got home it was DEFINITELY time for some Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter lessons.

We got as far as the couch when he flipped my school skirt over my little hips and buried his starving tongue into my pussy! My entire body relaxed around his tongue. Damn, I love Daddy; even if he is my STEP-Dad! A river of cream flooded from me as I moaned audibly. I moaned like I do when we still have hot phone sex. What? Daddy’s loving NEVER stops! Giggle.

Thank the Heavens for Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter!

How else would I ever learn to suck dick the way I do now? I learned from the feeling of his dick gliding along my tongue and down my throat, while also learning to suppress my gagger and take the whole length of him. I became the perfect fuck-toy. So much so that Mommy didn’t even have to fuck him anymore. I wondered at times if she knew where Daddy was happily getting young pussy. But, nah…she was clueless!

Our Daddy Teaches Virgin Step-Daughter Story Continues and Mommy sleeps a lot lately. Daddy is super respectful of her, though. He always makes a big show of putting one finger to his lips when he creeps into my room every night; even though it’s been years now.

Are you fighting your own Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter (or other) fantasies? DYING to act them all out with someone who’s more into it than YOU? I’m your huckleberry!

Kiss, kiss,Daddy Teaching Virgin Step-Daughter