Daddy has always been my number one man in my life. I always looked to him for help in everything. Was nice when he offered to help me learn my body a little better!

Daddy and I often had special days where we would hang out and do fun stuff. He took me shopping allot, which I loved since he always picked out the most daring things for me to wear. It was always our little secret though. Mom would never approve some of the things he would buy…like the panties.

One afternoon daddy and I were hanging out and surfing the net. I saw a pop up for porn and instantly blushed. Not because I didn’t know what porn was but my he was there with me. He asked me if I had ever watched porn before. I told him no, which was a blatant lie. Daddy clicked on the link to see what would come up.

It was a a video of a young teen having sex. She looked 17 or so like myself. My eye’s were glued to the screen, watching the girls face as she reached her orgasm. Daddy asked me if I had ever had one before. I coughed with sheer embarrassment and answered that I had tried a few times but it just felt funny to do it. He offered to show me like any good father would!

My father left the room and came back holding what looked to be a tiny vibrator. He handed it to me and told me to keep watching the video. He sat on the sofa and asked me to show him how I do it.  I figured he helps me with everything, why not this?

Pulling off my pants I sat back down in the chair. I opened my legs and tried to get comfy, I watched the screen paying no mind to my father. I rubbed my pussy and I did feel that moisture dampen my panties. After a few minutes passed daddy stopped me. Without word he pulled my panties down and spread my lips apart.

He took the vibrator from the desk and turned it on low. My back arched in response. I could hear him say “That’s a good girl Aly” as he turned up the speed. He shut off the vibrator just before I climaxed. M eye’s flew open and I started to as why he stopped. He looked up at me for a moment before he blew a stream of warm air over my clit.

God I wanted more! He pushed a single finger into my virgin pussy. Not enough to break me though. His finger rubbed a small spot inside of me that made me wild. Next thing I knew, he went from blowing on my clit to licking and sucking at it.

The orgasm built like a fire inside of me. Within minutes I felt the orgasm hit me. I cried out as I felt my father shove his tongue in me for a better taste. My young juices flowed into his mouth as I came back down. When he was done cleaning me up he told me what a good girl I was.

We started lessons on pleasing him! Find out next week what I did.


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