Daddy Teaches Me How to Kiss! Part 2

He said I was doing a good job and we kept going. I moaned and leaned into him, I wanted more. He put his hand on my thigh and moved it up. I could feel his thumb rubbing over my panties; my pussy began to get wet. I could feel him harden under me and I squirmed in his lap. I squeezed my legs together and he rubbed me harder. Soon there was a wet spot on my panties and Daddy moved his hand up to the waistband. He tugged them down and I lifted my hips so he could pull them lower. His finger trailed up my leg and pushed into my pussy.

I was so wet that a second later he pushed another finger inside. He pumped them in and out of me and I put my arm around his neck, pulling myself up a bit and changing my angle. His fingers hit my clit and I gasped as a tingle shot through me. Daddy knew what that gasp meant and he started doing a ‘come here’ movement with his fingers. I forgot all about kissing Daddy and I moved my head away, telling him to keep doing that. He moved faster and I rocked against him as my pussy throbbed. I suddenly let out a loud cry and clamped my legs even tighter. He pushed his fingers against my clit and rubbed it as I came.

     Daddy slid his fingers out of me and said “Is my little girl feeling better now?” I nodded and told him “Yes Daddy, you made me feel a lot better. Now it’s my turn.” I slipped off his lap and got down on my knees.

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