Daddy loved being the teacher that night. Seeing me lying back on the bed with my legs spread wide open.

Daddy fingered at my virginity and watched me squirm. Sweet young pussy juice coated his fingers so he could pass my barrier and rub at my g-spot. Looking back I think he was trying to wake it up before he broke into me. Sitting up on my elbows I watched him work my clit with his mouth.

My mother was next to me smiling. Was such a warm smile, she reached over and gently squeezed my nipples. Everything felt heavy in the room, something I never felt came over me. All I can remember was crying out in pure bliss.  When I opened my eye’s my mother said I had my first orgasm.

I was now ready to take my daddy’s cock like a woman. Mom told me to open up my legs more so I could cradle my father’s hips.  The tops of his thighs tickled at the back of my legs. I was very aware and nervous! The tip of his cock brushed up and down my juicy slit. My entire body was shaking.

The head of his cock was lined up with my opening. Daddy told me to put my legs around him and hold onto him. My mother reached between us and rubbed my clit to keep me stimulated while he tried to work himself in a tad deeper before the final push.

One. Two. Three. POP! The pain was awful the first few seconds. Burned really bad when daddy drove himself so hard and deep into my untouched pussy. After a bit, I started to calm down and relax. It felt like a very tight fit. I could handle it. I wanted to impress my parents and act like I wasn’t some scared teenager.

Soon I found myself experiencing and ever greater orgasm. I thought I peed until mom excitedly announced I was a squirter. Whatever that is. Daddy was ready to cum shortly after me. His cock pulled out of me and found it’s way into my mouth. Hot thick salty cum coated my tongue. Drinking daddy down felt like a reward!

Things progressed over the next coming months. I was ready to show my talents off to others! Read part 1 here!



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