I learned from a young age that this body of mine isn’t just for looking at. Daddy taught me how to use it to get what I wanted. Daddy would say now Haley what do you want? I would answer I want money to get clothes for school. Daddy would say then you know what you need to do in order to get that money. Yes daddy. I would kneel before him pulling his cock out of his shorts and start sucking it until he blew his wad into my mouth. Then he would get his wallet and give me 100.00 dollars. Whenever I wanted something big I knew exactly what I had to do in order to get just what I wanted.
Daddy’s friends would come over and of course I would prance around like I was hot shit. Watching them all pop a boner I loved being the center of attention. But what I loved even more is that they were putty in my hands. A simple blow job and the money would  start piling up.
When it came to school, I had such a problem with math daddy got my report card and I had a D in math. He would say Haley there is no reason for you to have a D in this class. Work what god gave you and you could have an A So I started teasing my teacher wearing provocative clothing like really short skirts, but I wouldn’t wear panties underneath and I would spread my legs and give him a glimpse of my pretty pussy. He would tell me to stay after in class and I would please him. I brought that D up to and A just by using my mouth. I learned to tease and please to get exactly what I wanted whether it be money, clothes, pocketbooks, makeup or even a good old fucking.
I know that I have a body built like a brick shit house and know how to use it to get exactly what I want. So tell me sexy what is it you want?


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