Daddy Will Always Be a Sucker for My Ass

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, its how to work my daddy.  I was always a daddy’s little girl and he has always been a sucker for his little princess.  He’s not just got me, but for my juicy ass as well.  When this bubble butt started to form, he just couldn’t get his eyes off me and I used it to my advantage.  Now I have daddy exactly where I want him wrapped around my finger it’s great!

Whenever I want for anything, I know how to get it.  I show up to the house, dressed in skin tight jeans and sexy heels, and make my dad drool over my perfect body.  He always gives me a slap on the ass and I know it sends a tingle down his big cock.  I sit on his lap and wiggle my hips, feeling his cock grow and grow.  My sweet smile looks even sweeter when I drop to my knees and pull that big daddy dick out of his pants.

I love to suck my Dad’s cock off til he is just about to cum.

 Teasing him and his big hard cock is the best part!  Then I stand up and strip off my tight and sexy clothes.  I love watching his eyes dance around as I move my hips and shake my big juicy ass.  He licks his lips and reaches out to grab my booty.  I have him right where I want him.  He is desperate to cum and willing to do whatever I say.  That is when I strike.

Daddy’s girl always gets what she wants!

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