Daddy Spanks Me Harder Than Mommy Every Will!

I am sure I have said before just how many men my mom dated over the years. No one compares to Jesse though. He was so nice but he always marked a line between him and I. I guess he didn’t want to get in trouble since well, you all know I am a tease. When I started calling him Daddy he was not at all into it but I am sure it grew on him. Still, he wouldn’t discipline me, no matter how bad I was. But one day he was over my attitude problem. That day Daddy spanks my round ass and I love it.

It was around dinner time and I was throwing a tantrum because my mother wasn’t letting me go out. I wanted to go to this super lit party and she was being a bitch about it. I am sure I called her one too and even though it bothered Daddy he didn’t say anything. I went straight to my room super pissed. A few hours passed and I get a knock on my door. It was Daddy. Mom was asleep and he asked to talk to me. I let him into my room and without saying a word he grabbed me and bend me over and started spanking me.

Another thing you know I am into is that I love it hard. When Daddy started spanking me, though, it was almost too hard. I felt my ass get warm and numb as he smacked my ass hard with his bare hand. I was in shock, I won’t like. I never knew he would do such a thing to me. Without me noticing my pussy started getting super wet. I am sure he realized it when my juices started dripping down on him. As I felt his cock grow hard he stopped.

He left the room fast and said I needed to be punished. That night I touched my wet cunt thinking about how amazing would have been if he had stuck his fingers while he spanked or maybe even done a bit more.

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