I didn’t know they were a sexy daddy son duo!

Everyone knows that sons and dads go out together, like a daddy son duo. Well, maybe not so much a daddy son duo, but a son and dad just chilling out for the day. Of course, most dads and sons go to baseball games, grab grub, but most will not to do naughty extracurricular activities, right? Or so I thought.

The first daddy son duo I experienced was when I was in my last year of college at the age of twenty-one. I woke up that morning with the worst hangover I had experienced in a long time. I was trying so hard not to move because my insides complained if I did. Why did I stay up so late and party so hard? I regretted my choices and didn’t want to go anywhere that day.

A little bit naughty.

However, I have to admit, the previous night was so much fun. I went to a birthday party for a friend who had just turned 21 and completely let loose. I was more than a little bad and definitely not on my usual good behavior.

My boyfriend was nothing but a wet blanket. He would rather be at home playing on his gaming console than out with me.

At the party, I met a guy and one thing led to another. He was still sleeping in my bed when my sister called the next morning asking for a favor. She was crying that she had to help out a friend today and wouldn’t be able to sell the cookies that she needed to out in front of our local grocery store. Today was the last day to sell and she really needed to reach her sales goal.

I just wanted to stay in bed under the covers and fuck this guy again. He fucked better than my boyfriend. His dick was so much bigger and he ate pussy like no one’s business, he was pretty hot looking too.

I decided to help my sis. 

I finally got tired of my sis whining, so I decided to help her this once. In my mind, I always say ‘I’ll help only this once’, but it was never just once.

Hurriedly, I dressed in my tank top and shorts. Screw my sis, I was not going to dress in any get-up to sell these cookies. I was already not feeling good and that get-up would just make me feel worse.

That morning, I sold a few boxes of cookies, but nothing that would make me saleswoman of the year. Suddenly, I saw a hot young guy come up to me with his dad. We got to talking and flirting. This was definitely making me feel better. I couldn’t help looking them both over, they were so damn hot. After a while, they asked if I would like to come over to their place. I told them I needed to sell the cookies and they offered to buy all of them if I would come hang out.

A two for one daddy son duo. 

I, of course, went to their house despite some reservations. I didn’t bother telling them I had a boyfriend because they both had me infatuated. Dad and son both had the most striking features. They were very tall and had nice muscular bodies. It turns out they both had big fat cocks too!

I thought only the son was interested in me but the dad had pushed the son to approach me like an accomplice. Their plan all along was to bring me back to their house so they could both fuck me.

The clothes came off!

When we got to the house the son and I started talking on the couch. Suddenly, he began making out with me. Soon, the clothes came off and the son began to get me wet and ready with his hungry mouth. Next, daddy came in and ordered me to my knees. The son’s hard cock was soon stuffed into my mouth and down my throat. I slurped and hungrily took his cock down my slutty throat.

Then daddy went behind me and started to spank me! Daddy spanks hard and is in no way a lightweight. My ass felt the stinging right away. Despite this, my pussy began to drip. My ass began to shake and burn as his hands struck my flesh.

This daddy son duo treated me like their little possession the whole afternoon! But I didn’t mind, I was able to sell all of the cookies and help me sis reach her goal. The next thing I did was break up with my neglectful boyfriend and went back to get more hot cock from the daddy son duo.

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