Daddy Sold Me To The Strange Man!

Daddy was always so good to me. I loved the way he doted on me, always spoiling me whenever I wanted anything. I was getting home from school, knowing daddy would be home to take me shopping when I stopped in the door frame. There was a man sitting on the couch and dad standing in front of him. I didn’t know who he was and I honestly was scared after seeing dad’s facial expression.

He looked at me and his face dropped. I knew something was wrong! That’s when the stranger turned to face me. A terribly scary grin came across his face. He turned to my dad and said,

“Is this the little slut I get to take with me?” My breath caught in my chest as I looked back to my daddy scared to hear his answer. Dad nodded his head in response to the man. I quickly turned to run to my room. I was half way up the stairs when I was ripped backwards by my hair, falling back down the stairs. I lay on my back in the entry way looking up to see who had pulled me down. It was that strange man.

I looked again to Daddy crying out now. “Help me please! What is going on!” I was crying hard now, I could feel the tightening begin to grow in my chest.

“Jillian, you are to do what this man says. He will not be taking you away from me, rather he will be fucking you when he wants for a few months. He will always come to the house, and I will always be in the room, but you must do as he says.”

I was now crying so hard I couldn’t see daddy any longer. I felt my skirt being hiked up and my panties coming down as the man flipped me onto my belly. I’d never had sex before. I was a virgin and terrified what was going to happen. Would it hurt? Would he be gentle? Why was daddy letting him do this? Why? Why? Why?!?!?!

“Daddy please stop him! Please Dad! I’ve done nothing wrong! I have good grades, I do as you ask, and I’ve never let you down. Stop him daddy!”

He stood there and watched as the stranger positioned his cock and the entrance of my pussy. I looked over to daddy and he turned away. I could tell he didn’t want to watch as my innocence was taken from me. “Watch me fuck this little sluts cunt! NOW!!!” The strangers voice boomed through my ears and made me cringe. Dad turned around, visibly shaking now.

As dad’s eyes made contact with mine, the stranger slammed inside of me! I screamed out in pain not breaking eye contact with daddy. I wanted to see the pain on his face as I was in even more pain. He wasn’t stopping the stranger and that was making me so angry. The man kept pounding and fucking me, harder and harder. I was whimpering underneath him hoping it would finish quickly.

He slowed his pace until he stopped and I heard him moaning. I knew what that meant. I’ve heard daddy make that noise while he showers and I get ready for school. Daddy watched as the stranger pulled from me, dressed and left. He told us he’d be back tomorrow after school. I ran to my room and laid on my bed crying. Not wanting to talk to anyone, not even daddy!

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