Too Bad Daddy Is So Small, Now I Have To Cuckold Him!

Too bad Daddy is so small, now I have to cuckold him! I do love Daddy a lot, but there’s one thing I would change about him and that’s his dick. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at fucking me, but he’s a little bit on the small side. I haven’t complained about it before, but things came to a head the other night when Daddy wanted me to come over. I had a craving for a nice big dick pounding me and told Daddy that I was going to fuck someone else tonight.

He wanted to know why and I told him that his smaller than average dick, just wasn’t good enough for me tonight and that I needed a real man. He got upset and I got in a bratty mood, while he ranted at me. I let him talk away, then told him how bad I needed dick, how wet it made to think of a fat juicy dick pounding me, while I begged for more and how I wanted him to watch.

I said he didn’t understand, because he could never fill me up like I needed and that sometimes I’d rather fuck my vibrator.

Daddy was still pissed off, but I think he kind of liked the thought of watching me get fucked and I think he got turned on by hearing that he wasn’t man enough to fuck me the way I needed to be fucked. I looked up Jay, a guy that used to date my friend Jodie, because I know he’s hung like a horse and invited him over to Daddy’s. Daddy saw me sneaking Jay up to the guestroom and followed us, knowing that I was being a bad girl. Jay and I got undressed, while Daddy stood in the doorway and watched us like a good cuckold.

I knelt in front of Jay and gasped when I saw his long, thick dick hanging there. Damn, I had to see what he was like when he was hard. I held it in my hand and looked at Daddy. “Look how big he is. How many more inches does he have than you? Two? Three? Four maybe?” I stuck my tongue and licked along his shaft slowly, feeling him twitch, as he started to get hard.

I kept licking him, going up and down the shaft and around the head.

When he was hard, I nudged him so that he was standing sideways and I slid my mouth off him, while Daddy watched. I made it just over halfway down his shaft before he filled my mouth to the max. I sucked him slowly and fingered my pussy until I was ready. Then I slid him out of my mouth and ignored Daddy as I stood up.

“Mmmm, I want you to fuck me now!” I demanded and went to the bed. Jay got between my legs and I groaned as he started pushing into me. He felt huge as he parted my lips and I stretched around him. I felt every one of those inches slide into me and he made me feel so full that I moaned and closed my eyes. He started fucking me and his dick rubbed past my pussy with even strokes, teasing it and getting me wetter.

Just as I held him and begged him to go faster, I looked over at Daddy, who was eagerly stroking his little cock. Jay did as I had asked and I felt an ache in my pussy, as he pounded me violently. I got off knowing that I was cuckolding my Daddy and loved every single minute of watching him jerk that little prick. Jay panted hard and I felt my body tense up. I let out a loud cry, as my pussy tightened around Jay and I came hard, so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out. He kept fucking me as I lay there stunned, letting my body shake under his.

He yanked on my hips, pulling me up on him and groaned as he started to cum.

I looked over at the door and Daddy stood there rubbing himself through his trousers as Jay climbed off me. “See Daddy? That’s what I sound like when I get fucked by a real dick.” About 30 mins later, Jay made it clear he was ready again and this next time, I think Daddy should be my fluffer! What do you think? Tell me how you’d love to be my fluffer, or how you’d like for me to cuckold you! I want to know how much it turns you on for me to tell you just how inadequate you are!

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