Around the age of 15 I started cumming while I was asleep. Almost every night I would wake up panting and sweating after having came so hard that my sheets were drenched. I had no idea what I could have been dreaming about that would make me so damn horny. I can never remember my dreams but, whatever was going on was pretty intense.

One night before bed I decided to set up a camera on my table across from the bed. That night it happened again. I woke up sweating with cum all over me and the sheets. My pussy was throbbing and sensitive. What the fuck was happening? I went over to the camera and hooked it up to my t.v. Nothing happened for like the first hour or so. But then at around 1 hour and 34 minutes my door started to open and my dad peaked in.

I thought it was sweet that daddy was peaking in to make sure I was sleeping well. Or checking to make sure the covers were pulled over me. He came into the room and kissed my forehead. Then he kissed it again and rubbed my left cheek. Daddy really loved me. He watched me sleep for a little while before he pulled my covers back.

I had a habit of only sleeping in my underwear. It was a weird teenager thing. I was a little embarrassed that my dad was seeing me like that while I slept but I giggled because in the video he was smiling. After watching me for a while, I noticed that he started to unzip his pants. He pulled his cock out and started to jerk it off over me while I slept. I was such a hard sleeper that I had no idea that he was standing there.

I didn’t even feel when he put his fingers down my panties and started to stroke my pussy at the same time that he jerked off his cock. I moved a little bit, but I never woke up. Daddy finger fucked me, at first slowly and then faster and faster. He knew that I wouldn’t wake up. How many nights had he been doing this to me? My body squirmed a little because obviously I thought that I was having another “wet dream”. The reality was Daddy was fingering me so good that I came super hard all over his fingers.

After he made me cum he licked and smelled his fingers. Then he reached for his cock and jerked it off until he came all over my soft ass. Daddy left me there covered in his cum. But, before he left he kissed me on the forehead again. He stared for a little while, as his warm cum slid down my ass and on to my sheets. Then he was gone. Daddy came in every night after that until I moved out of my parents house. I never mentioned that I knew what was going on. I would just lay there pretending to be sleep while daddy made his favorite girl cum all over her sheets 🙂



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