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My Daddy like most men loves the idea of having two sexy girls doing nothing but take care of him and unlike most girls, I can deliver the goods with the help of my friend Candice. Daddy has been really good to me lately and I wanted to do something for him. I knew he’d love it if I invited my friend Candice over for a little after dinner treats so I set it up and kept it a surprise from him.

I cooked Daddy dinner then gave him a beer and told him to go watch TV while I cleaned up. He thought he was the king of the castle but I had so much more planned. I had the dishes nearly done when the doorbell went and I answered it so Daddy wouldn’t have to get off the couch. It was Candice and I took her into the living room so we could make Daddy’s dream come true. We said nothing as he looked at us with surprise. We sat on either side of him and I took his drink out of his hand while she turned on the charm.

Candice said “Mmm, Bella was right. You are pretty sexy.”

Her hand brushed the side of his face when she moved in, kissing him hard while I watched. I’m pretty sure she was slipping him some tongue from the sounds they were making. She finally pulled herself off him and I nuzzled Daddy’s neck while Candice pushed herself up on her knees. She pulled her dress off and we saw that she hadn’t bothered wearing anything under it and her pussy was smooth.

Daddy stared at her as she ran her hands over her body. One playing with her tit while the other one played with her pussy lips. I quietly slid to the floor, kneeling between his knees and put my hand in his lap. I rubbed his dick through his trousers until he started to get hard then undid the zipper so I could take his dick out. Then I put my warm fist around it and pumped it while Candice began fingering herself and moaned about how good it felt.

Daddy got harder and I slid my hand down his dick so I could lick his shaft.

He twitched as I moved up and down, getting him all worked up. “Do you want to touch me?” Candice asked and grabbed Daddy’s hand, putting it on her pussy. He played with her while I put my lips over his dick, swallowing him whole and keeping my gag reflex in check as he hit the back of it. I started sucking him, my wet tight lips moving hard and fast as he pushed up. I kept going and felt him put his hand in my hair and wondered if Candice’s pussy juices were now in it.

He groaned and I could feel his thighs squeezing my sides as he told me not to stop. Daddy jammed my head down and started shooting cum down my throat. I choked on it and tried to breathe through my nose as it kept coming.

     I slid Daddy’s dick out of my mouth and a string of cum fell over my lips and onto my chin. Candice went “Oooh.” and leaned forward, kissing it off me. I kissed her back while pulling her down on the ground beside me and after a minute I looked up at Daddy. “Is it okay if we have some girly time? You can watch if you want to.” Daddy grinned and put his hand over his spit covered dick. “Go on, girls. Do whatever you want.”

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