Kennedy021He does!!

Every time I play with daddy he’s so sweet and cares about how I feel. He pushes gently, holds me tight, and everything he does, he tells me he loves me before he does it *giggle*

This morning, I got to not only play with daddy, but, we also played with a friend of mine. I got to show daddy how much I learned by getting on my little belly and licking her sweet butt hole so softly. Yummy, she tasted so good!! Then, of course, I got curious and had to push my finger in side her little hole, I always wondered how tight it was, and of WOW, she was so tight! After I played with her for a little while, and daddy told me how good I was doing, I got to sit on her face, and while she licked me, I held her legs back and daddy pushed inside her slowly, inch by inch.

I’m not going to tell you how it ended, that would be giving away to much don’t you think? I will say this, I got to have the best of the whole thing cause my daddy really loves me the most!!