Daddy Loves Spying On Me.

There’s a lot of things that I do that my Daddy loves, but the most important one is that he loves to make me very happy. He loves to give me gifts and my favorite ones are when he surprises me with big fluffy teddy bears. I have tons of them and I always pretend that they are my boyfriends. I know, it’s a silly thing but I have too much time in my hands. Sometimes I play dress up with them, and other it gets a bit more dirty and I pretend they are my boyfriends. Teddy bears are the best boyfriends, they always look cute, they don’t talk and they always make me cum hard.

One day while I was playing dress up with all my teddies I started to feel a little horny. Changing my clothes over and over, the way the fabric rubbed my puffy nipples just made me tingle, and I knew I had to do something about it. I took my pretty dress off one more time, and I laid on my bed while I held the teddy bear that I had picked on. I started running the teddy over my breasts, teasing them. Getting them even harder. I felt my pussy tingle even more and start getting so wet. I laid the teddy bear on his back and I straddled his cute face. I spread open my pussy lips and placed my clit right on his hard nose. The friction from the smooth plastic just made me grind my hips, back and forth. Harder and harder every time. While riding my teddy bear’s face I started playing with my nipples. Pinching them and pulling them. My moans started getting louder and louder as I felt my juices just soak my teddy bear.

My eyes were shut closed till I came hard. When I open and looked around Daddy was there with a bulge in his pants.

Wouldn’t you?

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