Daddy Loves To Share His Naughty Daughter Now!

Daddy loves to share his naughty daughter now! He used to keep me all for himself, but last night he passed me to one of his friends. He didn’t tell me about it beforehand though and I was so upset, when I got to Daddy’s, only for him to tell me to keep my clothes on. I was like WTF, I always look forward to Daddy’s kisses on my little tight pussy. He’s never told me that before and I thought I did something wrong, but he told me that he had a special surprise for his naughty daughter.

At first I wanted no part of it, but I was kind of curious about it! I asked him to tell me what it was, but he wouldn’t and when the doorbell rang he told me to go answer it. I did and saw a man standing there, a man whom I remember seeing a handful of times before. He was about the same age as Daddy and from the way he was looking at me, it was obvious that he wanted me just as bad as Daddy does. Daddy came up behind me, put his strong hands around my waist and said that I was going to be spending the night with his friend Jason, so I had better be a good girl and do what he says.

Just like that Daddy gave me to someone else to use and I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it.

Jason drove me to his place, about 5 miles away and on the way there, he kept one hand on the steering wheel and one hand up my dress, just barely touching my cunt through my panties. By the time we got there my pussy was so wet that all I wanted was my new Daddy to fuck me. He took me into his bedroom and said that Daddy had told him all about me and that he has seen the videos that Daddy and I had made. His favorite was the one where I gave Daddy a striptease then rode him, right after he ate me. He told me that he had watched that again and again and how horny that made him.

He told me that I was going to do that for him and I better do it right, otherwise he’d tell Daddy. I told him that I was a good girl and would give him what he wanted, I just love to make men happy. I undressed him, then stood in front of him, slowly taking off my dress, my panties, my shoes, until I was completely naked for him. Then I exposed my self bit by bit, taking time to run my hands over my body and stroking my soft, warm skin. I moaned, as I touched myself and told him how wet I was for him. I parted my legs and fingered myself until juices were covering my fingers, then slid them out of me. So I showed them to Jason and he licked them clean one by one.

I watched as his dick stood straight up and I pushed him down on the bed and sat on his face, just like I do to Daddy. He gobbled me up, like a delicious supper!

I then straddled him and lowered myself down. Jason watched his dick slid into me and I moaned as it filled me up to the max. When he was in completely, I gasped and said: “Oh, you’re so big!” I began to ride him slowly, letting him look at me as I moved, knowing that he liked the way my breasts were bouncing right in his face. I closed my eyes and moved faster, moaning and crying out, as his dick impaled my soaking wet pussy. He put his hands on me and helped me move on him, as he told me how fucking hot I was and how lucky Daddy is, to have a hot little box like mine.

He’s bucking his hips up and groaning, as his fingers pressed into my skin, harder and harder. He brushed over my clit and I did it again, moving up then rolling my hips forward, as I came down. A tingle shot through me, as my body started to tense and I threw my head back as I came all over his throbbing cock. I leaned forward and braced my hands on his stomach riding him harder until he came until he blew his wad inside of me.

I stayed on top of him until he began to get soft and he told me that this was merely the beginning!

Then I got up off him and got on all fours, just like he demanded. I love everything incest and especially everything daddy naughty daughter, so cum and indulge our incest phone sex fantasies together!

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