Daddy Loves For His Bratty Girl To Dress Up For Him!

Daddy loves his bratty girl to dress up for him, there’s no doubt about it. For instance, I got these cute new high heels that I just had to wear to school, but Daddy only lets me wear sexy things for him! So heels and short skirts are for inside only and that’s the way Daddy likes it. He really loves it when I wear heels and usually makes me wear them with a short skirt and no panties, so that when I walk my ass jiggles and my skirt rides up. I love dressing up for Daddy, but today I really wanted to show off my new sexy heels for my girlfriends and so I snuck out of the house, of course wearing my heels.

They were so jealous of me and I thought I’d gotten away with it until I got home and found out that Daddy had finished work early. Dammit, I thought to myself when I saw his car already in the driveway! He was there when I came in the door and the first thing he noticed was my outfit and boy did he get so angry with me and asked what the fuck I was doing; I knew the rules. Was I trying to piss him off? To be honest, I don’t give a shit.

I rolled my eyes and told him to calm down, stop being such a drama queen.

I started to go up to my room and he grabbed my arm, so I could face him. He started lecturing about how I should only dress pretty for him,  that I am special and I shouldn’t be letting other boys get turned on. He knew I wasn’t listening and he told me that since I liked acting like a slut, I could go upstairs and get dressed for him. I reluctantly did what I was told and got changed. I put on my halter top, short skirt with no panties and of course kept my sexy heels on. Then I went back downstairs and found Daddy in the living room, completely naked. He was sitting in his chair and watched my every move.

He was happy that he was about to get his private show. Then he told me to walk up and down the room, so he could get a good look at me and I did. Now, I did so with an attitude and I walked past him slowly. My sexy heels showed off my long, lean legs and made my ass jiggle in my short skirt. Every step I took the skirt slid up and showed Daddy a hint of my bare tight ass. He watched for a couple of minutes, then stopped me and bent me over the coffee table. He ran his hands up my legs and under my skirt and I looked back at him with my piercing brown eyes.

I knew better than to stand up to him, but I am getting older and my bratty nature is starting to shine through. I think he’s becoming more and more aware of that fact.

So anyway, Daddy moved his hands around to my pussy and I parted my legs for him, so he could slip a finger inside of me. He fingered me until I was sopping wet then stopped and I heard his zipper go down. He put a hand on my hip and he used his dick to part my pussy lips and slid right inside. I could feel myself stretch around him and moaned as he filled me to the max. He started fucking me and I gripped the edges of the table, as I moved under him. I got wetter as he grunted away and could feel my high heels rub gently on his thigh.

His fingers bruised me as he pulled me harder and harder onto his dick and I squeezed my cunt around him, working his shaft with every thrust of my hips. He went faster and then all of a sudden he stopped, sat on the couch and pulled me down on his lap to cuddle me while stroking my leg. As my juices were leaking out of me, Daddy whispered into my ear that my punishment wasn’t over yet. He told me that I had been a bratty girl, for wearing my high heels without his permission and that he was going to have to do the one thing I said he could never do, in order to maintain his control over me.

Can you guess? Did I tell Daddy that he can never fuck me in my ass, cum inside of my pussy or pass me along to his friends or maybe even my stepbrother?

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