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Mr. Smith’s hands slowly encasing me, wrapping around me and squeezing tightly like they were never going to let go. I could feel him growing beneath me as I sat there wiggling on his lap. My giggles echoing through the room as I teased and tormented him. Allowing him to feel my hot young body pressed against him, my hands working their way over his chest.

I knew what he needed, the question was… was he going to let me give it to him… Or was he going to be scared and worry about that poor old wrinkly wife of his?

It’s amazing feeling an older man with his hands exploring your body. Knowing how taboo and naughty it is but still allowing it to happen. I love teasing him, in fact, I have been teasing him for weeks now. Allowing him to see my panties as I bend over in front of him. Letting him listen to the sound of my soft little moans as I move about his house.

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