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Daddy loves two things, me and live sex. He loves to turn the camera on when we are playing. He says it is because Daddy loves to watch his baby girl all the time. However, as I got older and started playing on the computer I discovered daddy’s little secret! I waited for Daddy to come to my room. He set his computer down on the nightstand and turned something on. I waited for him to come to lay down beside me. As his hand made its way up my nightdress to my just budding young breasts, I said, Daddy who is watching us?

He looked up startled. What do you mean baby, no one is watching? I probably would have believed him if I did not know better. Daddy, I know you have the live cam on. Please, Daddy, tell me? I just needed to know. He reached over and turned off the cam and sat up in bed. Baby girl, daddy confided, I let other people watch us together and they pay Daddy money. It’s how I can buy you all the pretty things and don’t you like all your things? Yes, daddy, I do but now it feels weird knowing someone I don’t know is watching. He kissed my temple and whispered, its ok honey you don’t even have to think about them being there. Just relax and let Daddy make you feel better.

They think you are so pretty and they love how good you make me feel! That is all that matters.

In fact, Daddy is very happy you know, because now you can do lots of things that they want to see, and it will make us more money! I asked him what he wanted. I loved my Daddy and I would do anything for him.

Oh, you could dance in the little nighties daddy buys you and flirts a little in front of the camera. Daddy reached over and turned the Cam back on and said, look close to the camera and suck your thumb sweet. I did exactly as he told me. He had me bend over and he lifted my nightie and showed my panties to the camera. After that, he would tell me exactly what to do and sometimes he would chat with the others on the camera and they would tell me what to do. I became very good at being a cam slut. In fact, Daddy and I enjoyed a lot of fun playtime in front of the camera and we made a lot of money.

I am not a little girl anymore, but my body is still young hot and tight! And I now love live sex just like Daddy.

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