I love to be your sweet little princess Daddy.

Daddy gives me everything I want. I have him wrapped around my cute little finger.

It’s time for sweet little princess Kate to get daddy’s big thick cock. She makes you so fucking hard just looking at her. She’s so young and tight and firm. Everything bounces perfectly when she walks around in her cute little outfits. And when she wears her hair in pigtails? You go fucking crazy. Her curls bounce and she giggles and you just can’t resist her can you? She might not know it yet but what you’re about to give her is everything she could ever need. Your big thick cock is twitching with every step she takes toward you.

She’s in a tight jean skirt and a sweet small tank top. Not much left to the imagination. Her wet cotton panties peak out when she bends over. She doesn’t even know just how naughty she is yet. Sweet and innocent and waiting to be filled by you. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass. All ripe and ready for the taking. You hold back as much as you can but you have to have her now. You’re alone and it’s time. Time to give your princess your big thick cock. It’s hard and throbbing already.

You can’t help but imagine all the sweet delicious things you’ll do together from now on. I’m sure you’d love to tell me all about it. I would love to be your little princess Kate. I would love for you to give me what I need.

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