Daddy Loves His Little Sweet Girl

All girls enjoy fucking an older man now and again. Maybe it’s because the first man we spend a lot of time with is our daddy and we seem them as safe but strong and knowledgeable. When we get older we want to feel that again so we seek out someone who can give us of that. That sounds like a good reason for me being a bad girl, right? Anyways, I love doing Daddy/daughter roleplays. I had a craving for some Daddy dick so I went online, posted what I was looking for and waited for the older men to flock to me.

I went through tons of messages and settled on Alan. He was in his mid-40’s, had a bedroom in his house set up like a girl’s room and all he needed was a daughter he could comfort at night.

I went shopping and found a pair of pajamas in my size that was pink and had a little bear on the shirt. Thank God I can still wear clothes meant for silly teenagers. Later that night I put them on, gave myself pigtails and went over to Alan’s. He let me in and I took my coat off. His eyes lit up as he looked me over. I waited for a minute then said “Daddy, I’m tired. Is it time for bed?”

He said “Yes it is, sweetheart.” and led me upstairs.

He turned on the light and I went into the room. It was painted a light pink and there was a white bed with a colorful flower bedspread on it. There were some soft toys on the bed and an owl-shaped pillow. He pulled back the comforter and I laid down. He covered me up and turned away. I played along and said “Daddy could you tell me a bedtime story?” He turned back and smiled at me. “Of course I will, honey,” he said and laid down beside me. He put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close.

I rested my head on his shoulder as he started telling me a story about a good little princess who wanted to make the king happy. As he was talking he slipped a hand down my pajama top and cupped my breast. I snuggled closer and told him how good it felt. He began rubbing it as he started breathing heavier. “Daddy, I feel funny,” I said and he asked me where. I took his hand and put it between my legs. He rubbed me through my pajama bottoms and I moaned.

“That feels nice Daddy,” I told him and he asked if I wanted to feel even better.

I told him I did. He pulled my pajama bottoms off and ran his fingers over my smooth pussy. He slipped a finger inside and stroked me until I was wet. Then he took his finger out and held it against my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his finger in it. I sucked my juices off him then he got up. He took his pants off and I snuck a look. Let’s just say that Daddy had a lot to be proud of. He climbed on top of me and pushed my legs apart. He leaned over me and pushed forward.

My pussy stretched as he pushed deep inside. He groaned and told me how tight I was. He began pushing in and out of me at a fast pace. Completely focused on cumming inside his daughter. He was moaning and calling me Jessica as he pounded away. I kept his fantasy going by calling him Daddy and telling him to fuck me harder. I felt an orgasm coming and hooked my legs around his waist, pushing him deeper. Then I came and with a deep groan I called out “Daddy.” That pushed him over the edge and he started to cum.

When he was done he slowly pulled out of me and helped me put my pajama bottoms back on. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me I was a good little girl.

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