Daddy Has A Lipstick Fetish, Do You?

I’ve always loved putting on lipgloss, it’s part of my lipstick fetish. But when he started coming to my room late at night he would sit me up in the bed and apply real woman’s lipstick to my mouth. He would kiss me deeply and tell me I had the perfect pouty lips!  After some time as I was getting older, he would buy me lots and lots of lipstick, but he told me I was to only wear it at night for him. I always applied it with him watching me. Sometimes, he would come to do it for me or wipe it off and make me choose another color.

Then one night as he was wiping some off me, it smudged across my cheek. It was a mess as I looked in my vanity mirror, but daddy caught his breath sharply and squeezed my shoulders. He turned me around and I was eye level with his crotch and I could see how big and bulging it was. I looked up at him and said, Daddy, are you ok? He said yes, he was fine, but it was time I learned how to do something for a man that only he could teach me how to do properly. Daddy undid his pants and I started to pull away scared of what he was doing.

He stopped me and told me I was going to do this and do it exactly as he told me to or he would not love me anymore! I was devastated, and I wanted so badly to please my handsome Daddy!

So, I nodded, and I waited for him to pull his penis out. It was so large and veiny with a big head that looked like a mushroom. I had never seen one before and I was amazed by it. He was stroking it with his hand up and down and squeezing the tip. There were some clear liquid drops coming from the tip. I reached up hesitantly and touched the drop and he gasped as my finger touched him. I did it again and he pulled my hand around it and squeezed. He began stroking himself with my hand.

Up and down it was silky soft but hard too. I loved the feel of it. Daddy used his other hand to caress my lips with the bright red lipstick. He told me in a gravelly whisper to kiss it. I leaned forward and kissed the tip and left red smears on it. He was looking at it and I could see the primal look in his eyes.

Daddy kept stroking himself with my hand harder and faster until his penis shot out the white thick cream and just as he did he pulled my face closer and it shot that stuff all over my face and mouth. He told me to lick it that it tasted good. So, I did, and he was right, it tasted so good, that I licked it all up off my fingers.

Do you have a lipstick fetish just like Daddy?

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