Daddy loves coming to bed with me.

He tucks me in, gives me a hug and a kiss. Then he goes to bed with mommy. I know he loves me very much. After I fall asleep he loves to get out of bed and come in and wake me up in all the best ways. Mommy is in the next room so I have to be quiet. I don’t want to be quiet though because daddy makes me feel so good.

I love wearing a pretty white nightgown for daddy and pretty pink lacey panties. I know that he likes it too. I can tell by the way he looks at me. He brushes my hair out of my face and kisses my cheek. He tells me how much he loves me and then he shows me how much he loves me.

He kisses me and pulls off my nightgown so he can see my pretty pink panties. Daddy loves kissing me all over. He touches me in all my sweet naughty places. He rubs me and licks me and I never want it to stop. I really hope daddy will let me kiss him all over soon. I want to touch him and kiss him and lick him.

I want to taste him like he gets to taste me.

Mommy is going on a trip this weekend. Daddy and I get to be home alone for a long time and I hope that he will let me do everything that I want. I’ve been waiting so long. I’ve been such a good girl. I just want to make him feel good like he does for me! I’m going to lay in him and mommies bed naked and wait for him to get home from work. I know that he wants it too. Can’t wait. I want my daddy so bad.

Call me to hear what Daddy lets me have;)

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