Daddy Likes It Rough

My Daddy likes it rough, but only when I am asking for it and this past weekend I was. I went shopping with a couple of friends and decided to get my Halloween costume. I didn’t want to pick anything too slutty but some of my friends convinced me other wise. I ended up buying an Alice in Wonderland costume, the xxx version. It was a tiny skirt with black long socks. In a gorgeous blue color.

As soon as I got home I went straight into my room to try it on one more time. I wanted to do find the cutest panties to wear with it. I didn’t realize I had left the door open. Daddy walked in and saw me. Although it turned him on to see me looking like that, he was really upset. He was upset because he hated seeing me all dress up and looking slutty for other men. So that’s when he decided to punish me. A punishment I really deserved.

Daddy made me keep my costume on. He tied my hands and put me on my knees. I didn’t have the chance to suck his cock. He just pushed it in my pretty little mouth making me choke on it and gagging on it. He said he was going to treat me like a dirty little slut I want it to be. After he fucked my face he just bend me over and fucked me from behind. I felt his big fat cock go deep inside me. Stretching out my tight little cunt. I love it.

After we changed to a few positions, Daddy put me back on my knees. He didn’t let me cum but he was sure going to get his. I begged for his cum. I stuck my tongue out and he busted his big creamy load on my face. I guess I’ll be dressing like a slut more often.

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