Daddy is my master

Ever had the urge to be dominant and control a girls mind and body? I let daddy do it all the time. Daddy is my master and I am his little submissive whore. He tells me to get on my knees and like a good little submissive whore I do as I’m told. I love daddy being my master he knows whats best for his baby girl. His hands run down my tits and he plays with my nipples licking, sucking, and nibbling them. He then bends me over on my hands and knees and spanks my ass. I love it when daddy gives me a spanking. He makes me call him master and I being the submissive whore do as I’m told. I refer to my daddy as master. Master smacks me right on my pussy with his hand, I moaned and I liked it very much.

I beg master again please but I know master is toying with me, teasing me, wanting to hear me beg harder.

Daddy’s girl loves the torture

Master slides his hand down into my panties. He slides one finger in my pussy, then he pulls out his finger and slips it between my lips and I sticks it in my mouth. “Suck it” he demands. “Taste yourself” he says. Because I’m a good whore I do as told. Master shoves me on my back spreads my legs wide open and smacks my inner thighs like he spanked me on my ass. It stings but it feels amazing. I don’t mind pain, because pain is pleasure. Master slides my panties off and sticks his tongue into my pussy. He orders me not to move or squirm in any way. I try and do what I am told although masters tongue feels so good it makes it so hard to obey.

I feel his tongue slide further down to my ass he licks my asshole, now its even harder to obey. But I must obey master. Master gets up and puts his cock in my face. “Suck it” he demands, which I do.

Daddy is my master I must do as told

I slide masters cock between my lips and I suck his big daddy dick. He shoves his cock deep into my throat. Then master brings his hands to my throat choking me as I suck him. Master loves oral sex, he likes feeling my mouth wrap around his big dick. My mouth is free from his cock but now its my cunt he wants. He slides his cock into my pussy and orders me not to moan. Master says I have to remain quiet and he knows its hard for me. But I mess up and I moan then master flips me over and spanks me while forcing me count each spank 1, 2, 3 and so on. Master gave me 40 smacks on each ass cheek for not obeying. Wanna be my master? Age play is fun no matter where we take it!

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