Daddy Impregnation Fantasy Roleplay Is A Real Life Experience For Rose.

I woke up last night after a Daddy Impregnation Fantasy dream. It involved my handsome large cocked Daddy when he was young and viral the way I remember. He came home drunk and mom did nothing but scream and yell at him. I laid in bed feeling bad for him. He is a good daddy because he loves me so much during taboo phone sex.

Once momma retreated to her bedroom I snuck out and offered my room to him to come to sleep in. He stumbled in and dropped his clothes by the door. I pulled back the covers and revealed my sweet, young body. The perfect bod for impregnation I would say. He slid in next to me and wrapped his arms, pulling me to him.

I Loved Feeling Close to Daddy During My Impregnation Fantasies.

I remember vividly my daddy impregnation fantasy dream. Wrapping my legs around Daddy’s hips and jerking my wet pussy against his big daddy cock. It was almost like it was meant to be. His dad dick just slipped in so easily. He moaned against my neck while I kissed his forehead. Holding him tight, I humped his penis up and down. I didn’t know it at the time, but I wanted him to pump his seed into me and offer me impregnation. Sexy, horny fucking Daddy phone sex that will blow any man’s load.

That’s why I was fucking him so hard, so intensely. I remember him attempting to pull away, but I clamped closed and crawled up and down his shaft. With one final jerk, his sperm filled my daughter pussy with wave after wave of hot jizz. I guess it took a lot out of him because he fell fast asleep against my firm breasts. Rocking him, I felt his baby making batter go to work. I could feel a boy growing already, I wanted a boy, a son to be naughty with just like my daddy did me. So when I’m one of the phone sex girls I can tell all about it.

Rose’s Daddy Impregnation Fantasy Is Honestly Not A Fantasy

Fast forward a few weeks later, I bounce into the house from school. Mommy wasn’t in the kitchen but there were my pops and his beer. I gripped him from behind and began slipping my pregnancy test in his hand. He jerked around. Looking real mad until my beautiful eyes looked up at him. My blonde hair tempting him, he couldn’t be upset with me. He reached for me, swept me up and bounced me in the air. He was so happy. So was I. I was going to give my daddy his first grandchild. My son will have a big cock just like his daddy – granddaddy. My cuckold hubby will raise him, but his real daddy is my daddy, his granddaddy. Don’t tell Rose’s secret.

Then that bitch mother of mine arrived from the store. Daddy confessed what had happened and I was waiting for him to be emasculated. But he stood up and told her that we would no longer be needing her services. She was no more welcome around here. My dad and I were going to live happily ever after! With a baby boy and our memories of Daddy Impregnation Fantasy Fun!

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