The High School Sex Stories of a Cream Pie Addict

Daddy knows I am a little slut so almost every day once I get home from school he makes me tell him all my naughty high school sex stories. He loves to hear about all the dumb boys who fall for me and just how much I love teasing them. The thing that he doesn’t really know is that sometimes I do more than teasing. Sometimes I do more than grinding and sucking. Because I teen creampie addict loves to get fucked hard!

It was a Friday afternoon when I got home. My panties were soaking wet and it was way more than just my juices dripping down my thighs. Before the bell rang to come home I got filled up by a senior in study hall. I did not know Daddy was going to be home and as soon as I got there he grabbed and wanted to feel me up. When he slid his hands down my panties he knew exactly what I had done.

Is this cum little slut? Daddy asked.

I whispered yes as he pushed his fingers into me. When he pulled them out he made me taste them. Daddy bent me over and pushed his dick deep into me. He fucked me from behind while I was still wearing my uniform. My panties were down by my ankles and I felt his balls bouncing off of my clit. Daddy only stopped when he made me get on my knees to clean his cock. I felt his cock start twitching so he bent me over one last time to fill up my pussy.

Two creampies in one day. That is not too bad for a little creampie addict.

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