Oh Daddy, How I Have Grown

I guess you could say I was just an innocent little girl when I went away for school.  While I was away I learned all about being sexy, wild, and fun.  I learned that, with my body, I could make men weak and do anything I wanted them to do.  By the time I came home, I was a totally different girl and daddy was about to find out.

I walked through the door in a tight halter top, tits bouncing, mini skirt, and heels.  I thought my daddy’s jaw was going to hit the fucking floor.  He blushed as he looked me up and down.  His little girl wasn’t so little anymore.  I was all grown up!  This only got worse when it was time to hit the pool.  That girl who always wore one pieces was now in a micro string bikini letting her big tits and even bigger ass hang out for the world to see.  He wanted to be mad, but he couldn’t help but get hard.

  Feeling so naughty and wrong, he ran upstairs.  From the master bathroom, daddy could see down to the pool.  He watched me, his darling daughter, jump into the pool.  My body was dripping wet, nipples hard, and he couldn’t help but stroke his cock.  His mind became cloudy as he beat his cock.  The thought that masturbating to the sight of his own hot daughter was wrong completely left his mind.

Just as his head was back, eyes rolling in the back of his head, he looked back down to see me looking right at him.  Did I know what he was doing?  Would I tell?  Of course, I knew!  I just gave daddy a wink and smile.  I know men can’t resist me!

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