After Arthur’s mother caught him wearing her clothes she tell him, “I have a few things I want you to try on. The first thing is a new name. Since you like wearing women’s clothes then I’ll have to give you a girls name.” Arthur jumped for joy, ”Oh mommy I would love that.” His mother looked into his eager face and said, “How about I call you ANNIE.”  

Do you like that name?” “Yes Mommy, I love it.” His mother started rolling down her stockings and taking them off and said, “Well, Annie, Daddy doesn’t get home for a few more hours so you and I are going play dress up.” She throws her worn stockings in his face. As he sniffs her scent he moans, “Oh mommy, I would LOVE that.”  His mother dressed him in a pink mini dress with red trim that matched her panties that Annie was wearing.

“Now Annie, let mommy put this red lipstick on you and this beautiful red wig so you will look really pretty when daddy comes home. Ok.” Arthur who is now loving the name Annie and looking like a girl was pleased to show daddy how pretty she looked. His mother mother instructed him. “Now sweetheart, crawl on the bed and get down on your hands and knees and put your cute butt in the air. Daddy is going to want to play with you. OK. Don’t be scared. Mommy is right here with you, Annie.”

Annie did as she was told. She knew something exciting was about to happen but she didn’t know what it could. She hoped that daddy would be pleased with her. She could hear her fathers footsteps and smelled his cologne as he approached. Mommy was whispering in Daddy’s ear but Annie couldn’t  hear what she was saying. All of a sudden Annie felt daddy’s hand rubbing on her panties. It excited her and she bent over even more. Then daddy slid his finger inside her panties and into her tight whole. Annie moaned with pleasure.

Then Daddy pulled down Annie’s panties and stuck his face between her butt cheeks and licked the whole wear his finger had fondled. Annie was so aroused and moaned with pleasure. She could hear mommy saying, “That’s a good girl.” Then Annie felt the tip of daddy’s huge cock circling her hole that was wet from daddy’s tongue. Annie liked the way it felt. She leaned over more and said, “Take me Daddy. Take it all. Daddy shoved his huge cock in Annie’s hole and pumped it hard and fast. Faster and harder and faster and harder he pushed and pulled his cock in Annie’s hole. Annie backed up her ass on daddy’s cock and gave as good as daddy gave it to her. She liked being fucked in the ass by daddy. She couldn’t get enough of his throbbing cock. Then she heard daddy wail and felt the sensation of his creamy cum filling up you tight hole. Daddy pulled out his cock, patted Annie on the ass and said, “Good girl”.