Daddy Gifts Me With Multiple Orgasms!

Daddy says I’ve been a good girl lately and that I deserved a reward for my behavior. I told him that I love making my Daddy happy and that was the only reward I needed. He said he was going to give me one anyways…well actually he was going to give me three or four. I asked him what he meant but he just told me I’d find out soon so be quiet and take my clothes off; Daddy would take care of the rest.

I got naked while he watched then got on the bed. Daddy took his clothes off and then opened the nightstand, taking out a vibrator. I was a bit disappointed because it was one of the small ones but he assured me it was just to warm me up. He turned it on and I parted my legs for him as he got between them. He ran it along my outer lips then pushed it inside. Then he pumped it in and out of me until I was wet and asked him to go faster. That’s when he slowly slid it up and pressed it against my clit. I felt tingles shoot through me as he kept it there. My pussy was clenching around it as it worked my clit. Daddy knew I was about to explode so he rubbed me harder; I erupted!

He still didn’t move it and I had to wriggle away as the sensation became too much. Slowly slid it out of me and turned it off. He put it down and then cupped his hand over my pussy, pushing his middle finger inside me. So he pumped it a few times; which felt good but then he moved it to my clit. He pushed lightly on it and I gasped. “Still sensitive from cumming?” he asked me and I said, “Yes, Daddy.” He rubbed his finger in slow circles and I felt my muscles tighten again. “Do you want me on top?” he asked and I shook my head. I now knew what my reward was and I wanted every single orgasm that Daddy was going to give me.

Daddy pushed a second finger inside my pussy and began to pump them in and out of me. He did it slowly, letting my orgasm build. I pushed my hips down and begged him to go faster. He told me to be patient and kept moving them. I could feel my juices running down my crack as he slowly began to speed up. Soon I was writhing and moaning on the bed, bucking my hips and feeling constantly on the verge of cumming. I was so close! I only needed a bit of direct stimulation. Daddy knew he was driving me wild and he stopped thrusting his fingers. He slid his two fingers around my clit and began scissoring them back and forth. It was just what I needed and I came with Daddy still touching me.

Daddy slid his fingers out of my soaking wet pussy and licked them clean. “Mmmm, my little girl tastes so good. I’m going to lick all of your juices from your little pussy.” He put my legs over his shoulders and nuzzled my pussy with his mouth as he started to give me my third reward of the night

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