Daddy always made me feel special.

I’ve always been closer to my daddy than I have my mom. I don’t know why but he has always been there for me and helped me through everything. When I had questions about sex, I went to him. I knew he would always be honest with me and not try to shelter me from everything like my mom would. He taught me everything I needed to know firsthand and I loved him so much for it. The love I had for my daddy went a little farther than all of the other girls I know. My mom was oblivious to everything.

One night I woke from a dream and couldn’t get back to bed so I went into my parents’ room and asked to sleep with them. They both woke up and my mom moved toward the edge of the bed telling me to come sleep in the middle. The room was dark so she didn’t see the smile grow on my face as I climbed up into the spot she had made for me. My mom doesn’t like to be touched at all when she’s sleeping so she moved as far from me as possible.

I was lying there in the dark on my side facing my mom thinking about the dream I had.

I couldn’t sleep but it wasn’t because I was scared. Oh no, it was the total opposite actually. It was the kind of dream that had my young pussy dripping with need and all I could think about was getting my daddy inside of me. I came up with this plan and so far it was going great! I could hear my mom’s breathing become deeper and slower, signaling that she had fallen back to sleep. Apparently daddy heard it too because he rolled over to spoon with me from behind and wrapped his arm around my body to pull me closer to him. My thin t-shirt did nothing to hide the fact that I had no bra on.

He slid his hand up my shirt, gently grazing his fingertips up my flat tummy and teasing my nipples. To show my appreciation I pressed my ass back into his crotch. I heard his breath catch right behind me as he pulled me tighter to him. Kissed my neck and moved his hand from my soft breasts down to my pussy. My cotton panties were already soaked with my arousal which only fueled his. I felt daddy growing harder against my ass. His fingers gently moved my panties to the side to gain access to my dripping wet pussy. He parted my slick folds and slid one of his fingers deep inside of me. I almost let out a moan but quickly caught myself.

I didn’t want to wake up my mom and have to stop the heaven I was feeling with my daddy right next to her.

He gently tugged my panties over even more and I felt him moving behind me. He freed his cock from the hole in the front of his boxers. I lifted my leg just enough to give him better access to my hot cunt and he wasted no time. He ran his cock head up and down my slit a couple times to coat it with my juices and started to press inside of me. It wasn’t the first time we had done this. It was the first time we were brave enough to try it while his wife, my mom, slept next to us in the same bed.

Inch by inch his cock filled my tight, young pussy and it took all I had to stay still and quiet. I wanted to push back onto him and start fucking like crazy. I managed to stay calm on the outside.

Holding tightly to me he gently moved in and out of my pussy getting me wetter and wetter with every stroke. This went on for at least 30 minutes. It felt so amazing to have my daddy inside of me especially with the thrill of getting caught so close! As the walls of my pussy began to quiver around him in orgasm I felt his cock stiffen inside of me. We were normally pretty careful about where he came since it would be hard to explain a pregnancy. But tonight we lost all sense of control.

Daddy shot his baby-making seed so deep inside of me that there is no way it missed its target in my fertile womb.

We both fell asleep holding onto one another with his cock still buried in my pussy. To my mom, it just looked like daddy was holding me while we slept. If the covers had been moved though, she would have seen the aftermath of two lovers still linked together after an amazing release. When I finally woke, my mom was gone and I felt daddy’s cum running from my pussy as his cock began to grow inside of me. Now this was an amazing way to wake up!! Does the thought of my daddy inside of me make you hard? Give me a call and we can cum together reliving some more of my times with him. Or maybe you want a chance to show me what a good daddy you can be to me? Hehe

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