Daddy caught me doing something bad and I thought I was going to get in trouble but instead Daddy made me feel really good. I was having dinner with him and he asked me to set the table so I went over to the cupboard to grab some glasses. The ones I wanted were on a higher shelf so I reached up to grab them and my dress rode up, showing Daddy my bare ass. “Is my little girl not wearing panties again?” he said, sounding angry with me. I felt him come up behind me and put his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him. “Did you take them off only for me or did you spend all day like that so just anyone could see you?” he asked me and I told him that I did it just for him because I know how much he likes me to be bare. “Good girl. Remember, you’re only mine.” I love it when Daddy tells me I belong to him and no one else, it makes me feel s special.

Daddy slid his hand down my dress them up past the hem to my pussy. He ran his fingers along my outer lips and I leaned against hi as I parted my legs. “Please Daddy.” I said and he pushed a finger inside. He slid it along my walls and the roughness made me wet. He felt it and said “Does my little girl lilke this?” knowing I loved it and I nodded. “Yes Daddy, I love it when you touch me.” He moved his finger a bit faster and soon I had to have more. He listened to me moan for a minute then pushed another finger in. It was good but he was doing a good job of teasing me, keeping me on the edge. I knew I was being greedy but I said to him “Keep going Daddy, I want more.” Daddy took his fingers out of me and I felt empty but it didn’t last long. He pushed me so I was bending over the counter and I heard a zipper go down. “I want my little girl to be dirty.” he whispered and I felt a rush of excitement. His hand slipped past my waist and went back to my pussy while he used his other hand to jerk off. His fingers pumped in and out of me and every now and again I’d feel his dick rub on me. He found my clit and roughly rubbed his fingers over it and I moaned as he panted on my neck. I grinded my hips down on his fingers and the counter dug into me but I didn’t care. I wanted Daddy to make me cum. I moved faster on him and I felt tingles shoot through me as I came. I could feel him move faster behind me, getting closer to cumming. Daddy’s fingers pressed hard against me, bruising my pussy as he grunted and I felt something wet land on my ass.

It dripped down as he gave his dick a few last strokes then slid his fingers out of me. I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs as I turned to face Daddy. He yanked my dress down so it covered me then sat down at the table. I went back to serving dinner and as I ate all I could think of was the wetness covering my ass and pussy.



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