Holidays are always crazy at my place. Tons of family members, so much food, and no privacy for Daddy and I. That doesn’t mean him and I don’t sneak out for a quickie. Those are the best time with him, when the danger of getting caught gets us so turned on we have to have each other. I always make sure my seat is right next to his that way I can tease him. Last thanksgiving is just what I did.

I knew just when was the perfect time for me to start messing with Daddy since everyone was now finally seated. Everyone was casually eating here and there while putting their two cents of whatever the subject is. I usually just smile and pretend I am interesting in whatever they are talking. I slid my hand down, and started playing with myself under the table. I made sure it was just gently, getting just a bit moist and trying to not make funny faces. I would stop, eat some more and continue. I want it to get myself so wet so I could take Daddy’s hand and he can feel just how naughty I was being for him. I kept doing it till I could feel my pussy just drip slightly.

I started playing footsie with him. Caressing his legs and then finally put my hand on his lap. At first just rubbing his thighs and then moving it slowly and very gently, stopping at times to grab a bit to eat and smiling. Always focusing on him first though. He was having a hard time trying to keep a straight face. I stood up, walked to the kitchen and waited for him to come in there. When he did, he grabbed me, kissed me passionately and told me what a bad little girl I’m being. I grabbed his hand, slipped up my cute dress and he felt just how wet I was. He stuck two fingers inside me, and then licked them off. That did it, Daddy was now hard and he had to have me.

After dinner was over I said I was going to my room. Instead I walked into the joining bathroom from the guest bedroom to my room where Daddy was going to give me just what I deserved. As soon as he walked in he bent me over  to admire my soaking wet cunt. He spread my pussy lips, and forced his tongue inside me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it as he devoured me. He then stood up, made me lick my juices off his lips and then stuck two fingers inside me, still from behind, and spanked my ass. He pulled down just the zipper of his pants and pulled his big thick cock out. He pushed it in, in one thrust and I started moaning. Daddy had to cover my mouth with his hand so no one could catch up. He was pounding me, hard and deep. I could feel his balls slap my ass and I loved it. I loved having him inside me, taking what was his while our whole family was enjoying dessert.

“Are you almost out?” We heard my mom say. Just as she said it, Daddy came inside me. Pumping his big creamy load deep in me.

“Yes honey, I just think I ate too much and now I am feeling sick” He replied to her as I was now kneeling and cleaning his cock.

“So no dessert then?” She asked.

“No honey, I am full!” I looked up at him and smiled.

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