Daddy Eats Adriana’s Pussy Till She Creams

Daddy eats my pussy all the time, I know he loves doing it but this time was a bit different. For my literature class I had to choose a book and write a paper for it. Of course I’ve read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov but I decided to re read it since it is one of my favorite books. Daddy had never read it so instead I read it out loud at night before going to be. He loved listening to my sweet little voice as sometimes it was hard for me to pronounce some words. I loved making him chuckle.

We were about to finish the first part of the book when Daddy laid his head on my lap. He started running his hands up and down my soft legs and insisted I should continue reading. He then started kissing them. I loved feeling his hot breath on my skin. It immediately got me soaking wet. I want it to do more but again, he insisted I keep reading. Before I could do anything he opened up my legs and pulled down my panties.

As he kissed my inner thighs it was getting harder and harder for me read. I’m a good girl, so I continued doing as he had asked. I felt his tongue split my little pussy. It was warm and as he tasted my wetness I moaned in between words. He eats my pussy so good, I start shaking once I started feeling like I’m going to cum. That is exactly what happened. Daddy devoured my teen cunt.

After I came, he came up to me and gave me a passionate kiss. Daddy then laid his head on my perfect little tits. I continued reading Lolita with my pussy taste in my mouth.


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