Daddy Dress Up Time

My Daddy has always been an active part of my life.  Always doing nice things for me.  Even playing tea party and dressing up with me.  I liked to call it ” Daddy Dress Up Time “.  Although. the last time we had Daddy Dress Up Time….. Things got a little out of control.   How, do you ask?  Well, picture this…..

I had made my Daddy dress up in my tutu. He had kind of put up a fight because he did not have any panties on.  To make him feel more comfortable, I thought it would be nice of me to take my panties off too so then would not be so creeped out that he was naked at the bottom.

On this particular day, I decided to have a dance-off with Daddy.  We danced to a lot of songs, but then a slow song came on the radio.  I took my Daddy by the hand and got really close to him.  This is where things got a little different between us.

My Daddy had put his hands on my thighs and pulled me back against him.  My ass was being poked hard by Daddy’s rod.  I knew what he did with it, I had watched him and Mommy all the time.  I was actually excited that it was my turn to do those things with Daddy.

He let his fingers tremble underneath my skirt.

I felt him touch my soft bald pussy.  The tingle I was feeling was incredible.  I did not stop him.  In fact, I had lifted my skirt the rest of the way up and felt his cock behind me.  He picked me up and started thrusting his dick in between my pussy lips, over my clit driving me wild.

Daddy instantly turned into something completely different.  He laid me on my bed on my belly, I felt his hand on the back of my head as he shoved it into the pillow.  The next thing I felt was this very pleasurable burning sensation in between my snatch.  He was slow in the beginning.  But, once he got the head inside me…  He went to town it did not take him very long to cum all up in my pussy.

Daddy got off me and looked at me with shame. To make him feel better, I reached between my legs, pulled out his cum, and licked it off my fingers.  I sat there rubbing my clit right in front of Daddy until I came.

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