If you have not heard of a daddy dom stop and read this, because I am about to blow your mind.  Most people know that age play is a taboo limit of mine, but did you know I am a middle? No? Didn’t think so, but I can talk more about me later.

DDLG stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl and has picked up a lot of conflict over the years.  It is a D/s lifestyle built around age regression (age regression itself is not sexual). In the case of the DDLG lifestyle, the dom takes on a caretaker role to the little.  This means as a daddy dom, he has to be a lot different than a typical dom.  daddy doms are softer because their submissive has more of a childlike mindset than a slave.   If you want to be a daddy dom, you have to be gentle and in many ways parental.

Really, this is a type of soft dom.  The little, middle or big tend to act younger than they are.  Sometimes, this is an all the time thing and for others, it is not,  but it is important to realize that the DDLG lifestyle is very niche.  Littles are known to throw tantrums and act out.

Mommy Domme Story Instead of Daddy-Dom


A punishment and reward system is very common in the DDLG lifestyle.  Depending on the submissive, age varies and different systems may be used. I have a friend, who I will call Sarah in this blog to remain anonymous.  Sarah is a little who has a daddy dom.  She tells me that she identifies as 5, so pretty young.  Obviously, Sarah is a grown woman, but the DDLG lifestyle allows her to relax and let go.

Sarah has adult tendencies, like getting sugary coffee at a very obvious coffee shop chain and driving a car, but she also only colors in children’s coloring books, has a league of plushies, and drinks out of a sippy cup.  Her daddy dom has lists and chores that she does and she asks permission before doing anything.  “Daddy, can I hang out with Sirena?” “Daddy, can I buy this sundress?”

As a daddy dom his main goal is to keep her happy, but also hold her accountable.

Time outs and kneeling on rice are just some of the many punishments if Sarah acts up.  Of course, there is also a sexual nature to their whole dynamic, too.  Not all DDLG couples are sexual; each is very unique.

When we eat at restaurants, Sarah asks if she can have certain foods.  Her daddy dom gets to choose if she deserves dessert and ultimately chooses her meal. Since I always felt like a middle, my dom never made those decisions for me, but it was always fun to see the waitress’s face when Sarah asked permission from daddy.

If you want to be a daddy dom, you have to be patient and kind

Gentle, yet stern.  It’s not an easy dom role, but I’ve been told it is rewarding.  If you are interested in being a daddy-dom, it is very important you research all you can on the DDLG lifestyle.  It holds a lot of trust and is able to think on your feet.  Daddy doms don’t own or control their littles, they heard them and keep them happy and safe.

Questions about the DDLG lifestyle?  Feel free to call me and we can talk about it.

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