Daddy Dom Little Girl isn’t where I expected my kink to take me.

When my kinky married lover gifted himself to an old boyfriend for my viewing pleasure, his timing was perfect. While my lover has been off traveling and spending time with his wife, I met someone, and he is an ideal match for my favorite kink, DDLG ( Daddy Dom, Little Girl).

This kink is a subset of BDSM. I have been looking for just the right Daddy to make sure I behave, keep me in diapers, and punish me when I’m a brat. Daddy reminds me that I’m a dumb little girl who exists purely to receive his cum and obey orders. He dresses me in onesies and puts oversized pacifiers in all my holes when I’m not with him. I exist primarily for his pleasure.

I’m happy to say that I’m still with my married lover too. When I told him that I finally found a Daddy, and he would have less access to me, I feared he would leave before I had a chance to explain Dom Daddy Little Girl. Surprisingly, he looked happy. He explained that he wanted our relationship to change.

During his two sex sessions with GA, he realized that pleasing me was what gave him pleasure. I asked him to tell me more. He explained that he wasn’t jealous of Daddy; he was excited by him. And, he wanted to watch Daddy and me when we have DDLG sex and wants to clean us up afterward. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I love to use men as much as I like to submit to them. And now I have two lovers that meet all my needs.

My lover’s confession that he wanted to submit to both Daddy and me left me soaking wet.

Right then, I decided to groom him to be a silly little pet. He’d only get my attention when I felt like giving it to him. The real question was, how would he react when I used the power he gave me. That day I ordered a sex cage for my playroom to crate him when he wasn’t in service. I also ordered oversized weighted blankets. While designed for sleeping, when I drape the blankets over the cage, they function like blackout curtains.

My lover came over, I  stripped him and bound his hands behind his back. I used a coarse rope, so if he struggled, his skin would tear.  I put a cock cage on him, which I could control with my phone even when he was away on business and an open mouth spider gag.

Then I pushed him into the cage and restrained him so that he couldn’t move. Soon after that, Daddy came home. I told Daddy that I loved him more than anyone else and loved the Daddy Dom Little Girl Life Style. I was ready to be his nasty little girl. Daddy told me he knew I had masturbated today without permission. He took off his belt and whipped my ass until it blistered. He then said that if I didn’t behave, he would take my stupid pet and give him to the best S&M dungeon in the city to disappear forever.

Knowing my lover could hear but couldn’t move or talk made me squirt as Daddy spanked me.

I begged Daddy to fuck me and fill all of my holes. I told him I needed to be fucked by a real man because my married lover was a worthless pussy. After the first round of fucking, Daddy told me to get my pet.

I took my pet out and blindfolded him. In total silence, I laid him on his back and placed my cum-soaked holes on his face. Daddy then started to fuck me again and again and again. It must have been agony for my pet because he couldn’t lick me with the spider gag in his mouth, he couldn’t see me, and I made sure to smother him so he couldn’t breathe. You’ll have to wait until next week to hear more.

Don’t worry about how to have phone sex with an expert like me 😉

Let’s have fun!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke