Sometimes a bitch has to be a little crazy!  I read somewhere that you don’t truly love someone unless you are willing to be bat shit crazy over them, over something, even as little as nothing.  I have always tried to keep my personal crazy to a minimum, but sometimes you just have to let the shit fly!  So a few weeks ago, there has been this guy coming into the bar, and he has been creeping on me since the Halloween party – YEP – totally could be his bun in my oven!  LOL

Anyway, he rolls up to the bar with this stripper looking slut – no where near my caliber – thinking he was going to make me jealous.  The hormones must have kicked in, cause normally I am NOT a jealous person, but this slut was giggling and laughing, and GLARING at me for no reason whatsoever.  Seriously though, why was I getting heated about this?  I fucked this guy months ago, along with 20-30 other guys, and got knocked up!  As if I could possibly care who he was with.

Well, and so the story goes…

They order drinks, they laugh, the canoodle, and I am getting pissed.  I walked around the bar and whisper in his ear “Baby, do you wanna ride the crazy train with me?”, and he gets a huge grin on his face.  Now I am really starting to fume!  His slut reaches her hand around my neck, pulls me close to her, and kisses me on the lips.  Well now the hormones have just told me that I am horny as FUCK, and she stands up and I push her into the bar and work my hands all over her and up her cheap stripper looking skirt.  I reach up to finger her pussy – shaved – YUM – and I drag her back to my office.  He doesn’t even follow, and I don’t even care.  I spread her out on couch and eat her for hours.

As it approached closing time, and I am still mowing down that young pussy, I hear a knock at the door.  It is the douche bag that got me on that pussy.  I roll my eyes and go back to my snack.  He comes up behind me, puts his hand on my shoulder, reaches down to my ear and whispers, “Baby, that is my daughter”.

I spit her pussy juice from my lips, back to her cunt, and my life flashes before my eyes.  He could be my baby daddy, and she could be my baby sibling, and I just ate her pussy.  Yep – Ride the crazy train with a hot Queen – cause truthfully – these hormones have got me all fucked up – and tbh – that pussy was damn good!