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Mommy is going out of town and that leaves me and daddy all to ourselves! We always have the best daddy daughter time. I’m in the shower, rubbing my hot body down with soap. I wish I was lathering myself with daddy’s nut! Thinking about him I let my hands wander to my tits, squeezing them. Not to mention, his mouth would feel especially good on my pink hard nipples. My pussy is in fact getting so wet. I start to rub my hard clitty, moving my wetness from my pussy hole around.

I can’t stop! My fingers go inside of me and I start to fuck myself as if it were my daddy’s cock balls deep inside of me.

I then hear some heavy breathing that is not mine. I move the shower curtain and to my surprise, I see daddy there. His cock is in his hand, and he is stroking it fast. He gets nervous and tells me that he heard me moaning and peaked in on me and saw me fucking myself. My face turns bright red. “I didn’t know I was so loud.” He immediately assures me that it’s okay and that I just made him really excited. “Daddy, why don’t we have some daddy daughter time and you get in the shower with me?”

He wastes no time getting in the shower.

And then our naked bodies press up against one another. His hard fuck stick finds its way right in between my legs, pressed to my pussy slit. Then we kiss one another as our hands wander down each other’s bodies. My pussy grinds on his dick as he licks and sucks on my neck and boobies. He is going to be a naughty pussy whipped daddy for me! “Daddy I want your cock in my mouth.”

I get down on my hands and knees as the hot water drips down our bodies. My hands stroke his cock and pull it into my mouth. I suck on him, covering his dick in my sticky spit. He grabs my hair and wraps it around his knuckles. His cock goes all the way down my throat. As a matter of fact, I’m not coming up for air until I taste his sweet pre-cum. Our daddy daughter time is going to get steamy and wet!

I take my time licking and sucking his balls and dick.

“Oh daddy, I need you inside of me.”  Then, he stands me up on my feet and presses me against the wall. He guides his cum gun right inside of my pussy hole. He then pushes himself hard to try to fit all of him inside of me. I grab onto him tightly, wrapping my legs and arms around him.

It especially feels so good with each thrust.  Soon, his cock goes all the way in and out of me! “Oh daddy please don’t stop fucking me, I want daddy daughter time all day every day!” He is stretching my pink pussy hole open wide around his dick. We both look down and watch while his dick stretches my pussy apart as he goes inside of me.

“Daddy fuck me harder!”

He starts ramming his cock in me again,  slamming me up against the wall with each deep thrust. “Daddy I’m going to cum on your cock!” I moan out loudly.  Meanwhile, Daddy goes faster, beating his fat dick inside my tiny pussy. He encourages me to squirt on his cock. As I let out my orgasm on his cock, I feel him grab me tighter. His strokes get deeper and slower. I feel him about to cream my cunny. “Give it to me daddy, cum in my pussy.” I feel his load pouring into me.

As a result, I need daddy daughter time even when mommy comes home.

She does not have his cock anymore, it is mine. At this instant, daddy looks at me his cock is still balls deep in me. “Please daddy, never take your cock out of me.” I need my daddy’s dick. My pussy is sore and aching for more. I am not done with this fuck stick. My teen pussy needs it.

After all, Daddy daughter time is so hot. My pussy is so much wetter and tighter than my mommy’s. Furthermore, she is never going to get another load out of him ever again. His cock belongs to me.

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