It is Wednesday, and Wednesday is one of our Daddy-Daughter Secret Playtime days. I am bursting with excitement! Daddy will be taking me to our special place where we experiment and explore lots of sex stuff. You see, my dad loves me more than most dads love their daughters. Due to that, he gives me a special “grown-up” love. I have learned all about his penis and how to make it happy.

We keep it as our little secret. He is always telling me there is no need to share it with Mommy. She gets lots of special daddy time too. I listen to my dad and keep it between us. Our time together is wonderful and I never want to give that up. Sometimes I wonder if other girls get their own daddy-daughter secret playtime like me. Our time together gives me so much experience and makes me really good at incest phone sex.

Chances are yes, other dads want to love their daughters extra special too!

In the bath, daddy has time to touch my private parts and make me feel really good. Mommy likes to touch me too, but not the same way as Daddy. She enjoys hugging me and caressing me to help me relax and sleep really well. I have the best Mommy and Daddy in the world! When Daddy bathes me, he takes his fingers and puts them inside me.

Even though it isn’t at our special place, bath time can become our daddy-daughter secret playtime too. He uses the soap and gets all sudsy. Then he rubs me all over my body in a sexual way. I get very excited and feel this tingly feeling in my tummy. If we are at home by ourselves, Daddy pulls his dick out and massages it as he gives me a bath.

During our daddy-daughter secret playtime, I get to massage his cock too!

I love how it gets big and hard in my little hands. It feels so good when I hear Daddy moan. That is when I know I am doing it right. He is smiling down at me and I am feeling so proud of my skills. As his daughter, it is my job to fill in where Mommy lacks. He is always telling me how much he loves mommy but she just can’t do certain things for him, so he needs me to do them.

It is awesome that I can help Mommy and Daddy have a happy marriage. We are all a team. Sometimes I wish Mommy played with us too. I miss her breasts and sucking on them. They are so big and pretty, like her. Daddy tells me that Mommy feels I am too old for that and not to ask her, so I don’t. Still, I love to see her naked and watch her breasts sway.

Daddy is the boss and I always do what he says!

My daddy’s dick is amazing. It is really big. When I am holding it, my hands look so small. He is always saying that is one of the things he loves about our daddy-daughter secret playtime. How my body and limbs are so tiny next to him and that makes his penis very hard. I giggle when he says naughty words. During our playtime, I get to say them too!

Just like a big girl, I use cuss words. When I do that, Daddy seems to get very excited and turned on. One of his favorites is when I say I am Daddy’s little slut. Oh my gosh, he gets so excited he is like a monster with his cock. Pushing it into my mouth until I can barely breathe. Then inside me, he goes so fast in and out of my mouth until he shoots his goo everywhere!

I think it is so fun how Daddy has a volcano in his penis!

He makes goo come out and that makes him moan and yell really loud. When that happens I know we are doing something right! He is teaching me to be the very best Dirty Cum Whore! After he shoots a load, we get to have snuggle time and hug a lot. So much happens during our daddy-daughter secret playtime. I would love to share more with you. Call me so I can give you all the details of our fun.


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