Daddy-Daughter Quarantine Games. Fun on the Inside – AND the Inside! LOL.

Who would have thought that the Coronavirus would lead to a reawakening for our love of Daddy-Daughter quarantine games? Now, of course, we had started these games long before anyone ever heard of Covid-19, but when they shut down my college and I had to move back home, it was amazing how fast my Daddy, Lorenzo and I slipped back into old patterns. It started the first night I was back. Since Mom and my other sisters were staying at our house in the Hamptons, it was only Daddy and me at our city home. Oh, how I missed his King Dong!

I had told Dad I was coming home, but I was able to get a ride with my roommate; so I got there about a day earlier than I’d told him. As I went upstairs to my room, I heard the shower running in Mom and Dad’s master suite. Dumping my suitcase on my bed, I snuck into the master and spied on him coming out of the shower. I’d forgotten how good his body was. Even at 60, he still runs 5-miles a day, and he still had a very impressive cock. Even limp just out of the shower it was 6 inches, and I remembered fondly, how big that fucker (pun intended) could get.

Daddy-Daughter quarantine games got me stirred-up!

Running into his arms I yelled, “I’m home, Daddy” and threw my legs around his waist. Let the naked Daddy-Daughter quarantine games begin! “Joey! I wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow!”, he said. I felt his cock begin to lengthen and start to rise. “Well, at least you’re happy to see me!” I giggled.  A sloppy French kiss later, I slid down to my knees and started licking his asshole, balls, and cock, until it was standing straight up. “It’s good to have you home, Baby”, he said, as I took his entire cock down my throat and stuck my tongue out to lick his huge, heavy ball sack. “Oh God, it’s good to have you at home!”, he murmured. He put a hand on the back of my head and bounced my mouth up and down on his cock.  faster and faster until he blew his load down my throat.

I smiled up at him as I swallowed his seed and said “I’m so happy we get to play Daddy-Daughter quarantine games, Poppa”.

He just looked down at me, licking his cum off my lips and chin and smiled.
“Well then, let’s take this into the bedroom where we can play for real, my little Joey”, he purred. Leading me by the hand, he stopped in front of their giant bed and laid down, gently stroking his still hard cock. “Take off your clothes, baby, let me see how you’ve grown.” I’d gone from a B to a full C cup while at college, and he smiled when he saw my breasts released from my La Perla bra. “My little girl is growing into a very beautiful and sexy woman indeed!”, he said. Climbing onto his bed, I slid my pussy up and down his leg, delighting him with how fast I got wet.

The anticipation of Daddy-Daughter quarantine games will do that to a girl. Finally, I slid my now completely soaked pussy up and over his dick; rubbing my clit against the head before finally sliding it all the way into my pussy. When he got it buried to the balls inside me, I wiggled my hips a little to get it into the perfect position for some serious twerk fucking. I had learned some new skills at college and I wanted to show them off to my Dad.

Putting my hands on his chest, I started twerking my hips up and down his dick, slowly at first, until he slid his hands up to play with my grown-up tits.

He proceeded to squeeze my tits as I increased my speed; and by the time he was pinching my nipples, I was going Shakira on his fuck-stick. I had my first mini orgasm which just fueled my desire for more! Sitting up straight on his dick I started to lift my hips until just the head was inside of me, then slamming down as hard as I could until I could feel his balls bouncing up and onto my pussy lips. I’d forgotten how perfect his cock felt in my tight pussy. Filling me up completely, but not stretching me out like some of the monster cocks I’d taken at college. I started a slow grind on him, moving my hips back and forth, up and down, and in circles. Moreover,  I could see and feel him trying to hold back his cum. But, poor Daddy didn’t have a chance.

Pushing my pussy all the way down his cock, I squeezed my muscles and felt him explode inside of me; filling me with so much cum I could feel it dripping down my thighs.

Quickly, I hopped off his cock and buried it in my mouth; licking and sucking until I had consumed every last drop of his hot, creamy cum. Looking up at him with my baby-blue eyes, I smiled and licked my lips as I said “Let the Daddy-Daughter quarantine games last forever!” That’s when he surprised me! Rolling me over onto my stomach, and sliding his soaking wet, and still stiff cock into my tight asshole. He’d never taken me that way before, but I guess being cooped up for so long with only his hand for cumpany had made Daddy extra horny.

He slid his throbbing meat in and out of my butthole hard and fast; and all while reaching under me with his one hand squeezing at my tits, as the other teased my clit. Before I knew it, Daddy had shot another load into my poop-chute. “Ohh, sweet Daddy!” I screamed out in pleasure and pain!

Want to know what other fun Daddy-Daughter quarantine games we’re playing? Just call me! I’ll be happy to share them all with you. Hell, maybe you can even join us. If you want to know how to have phone sex, you’ve CUM to the right girl!

Kiss, kiss.

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