Incest is fantastic with daddy

Incest was never really a thing that crossed my mind. But Daddy had thought about it a lot I guess. Mommy would always tell me about how daddy wanted me to sit on his lap and they always made me sit there without my panties on when I was a teen. I always wanted to know why Daddy really wanted teen pussy but at the same time, I really liked it. Plus daddy always bought me really, really nice things after he had me sit on his lap.

I would come home from school and daddy would be sitting in his chair waiting for me. I would skip in the door and Mommy would make me take off my panties and hang them on the coat rack. So I would skip to the living room and sit bare assed on Daddy’s lap. Mommy says that it’s okay though. It’s like what mommy and daddy do but it’s just that Daddy really wants to touch my pussy.

Daddy had only touched my ass with his hand a couple of times. But I guess he really wanted to do something more. Mommy had told me what this was called.. she said that it was called incest. And incest has a really bad reputation but mommy said that Daddy really loves me and he just wants us to be closer. So incest is ok with me. And so I was ready to let Daddy touch me a little more.

So one day after cheerleading practice I came home just like normal, took off my panties, and sat on Daddy’s lap. I could feel Daddy’s cock getting so hard.. and it made my pussy feel really tingly. Mommy came over and spread my legs over Daddy’s legs and put Daddy’s hand on my smooth teen pussy. My pussy got so warm and really wet just because Daddy was playing with my little clit! I could feel that this is what I wanted.. incest with my daddy!

More to cum in part 2. Hehe!

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