Daddy daughter Incest: My Big Bro is PISSED!

My big brother is SO stupid sometimes! He teased me about fucking another girl at school, which he knew would make me jealous. Then I got pissed and blurted out my Daddy daughter incest secret! NOT good. That’s Daddy’s #1 rule: Don’t tell ANYONE. He was SO smug about it though, I just lost it! It went something like this: “Guess what Zoey? I’ve been fucking this REALLY hot little blonde that I met at a party a few weeks ago. You aren’t the only girl I fuck anymore, so it looks like your days of bribing me with hot brother/sister sex to get anything you want are over!

…. REALLY now. Is that a fact, big brother?

I should have counted to 10. Should have hung up. I should have realized that he is full of it, and I still have him wrapped around my little finger no matter WHO he fucks, when, or how many times. Instead, I saw red and blurted out loud,  “Oh YEAH? Well that’s nothing! Guess who’s been giving me his big fat dick while you’re away at school? DADDY!!!!

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a FULL 2 minutes after my Daddy daughter incest confession. I felt SO terrible. And terrified that he would confront Daddy about it, or tell him that I told! Then I’d have to give up being Daddy’s special girl, and I wouldn’t get to ride his hard cock when he comes home from work after a long day! Me and my big. fat. MOUTH.

Finally, from the other end of the phone, just two words. “You’re lying”. I thought fast on my feet. He WAS being a nasty little jerk to me, but I knew that he was CRUSHED by the thought of our Daddy taking his place. Maybe even fucking his little sister better than he does! I’m a brat, but I’m not THAT big of a brat. Plus, self-preservation is one of those things that’s pretty high on my list. So I quickly agreed with him. “You’re right. I was lying, MAYBE.” I couldn’t resist that last little dig, just to make him wonder. I told him he shouldn’t be such a jerk to me and intentionally hurt MY feelings. Then I wouldn’t tell such crazy lies just to hurt HIS!

He apologized for being a mean big brother, telling me that this other girl meant nothing to him, and that I would ALWAYS be his perfect fit. No one would EVER make him feel as good as his little sis does.

Ya got THAT part right motherfucker! =)

So, for the time being my Daddy daughter incest secret is secure and safe.
YOU know the truth, but I know you’ll keep my family secret!

Your Dirty ‘lil Incest Slut,

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