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Our Daddy Daughter fun! My daddy leans in and presses his lips to my mouth. I taste the sweet taste of his cigar lingering in our kiss. Undoubtedly my tongue wants more of his irresistible aroma. Immediately I am met with that very familiar feeling the one accompanied by our daddy daughter fun. The one of lust and desire. The feeling that causes my very being to tremble and to react with a gush of pussy juice. He sees the look in my eyes. Clearly, it is that look of carnal appreciate. He tells to stand to my feet. As instructed I rise. I stand in front of him. feeling his hands take the bottoms of the shirt and start to strip it off. I am left standing with my budding breast completely exposed. My nipples grow hard as they are kissed by the cold air.

My dominant master traces behind me and I feel his tip-toeing fingers along my back as he collects my long black hair. 

He pulls my hair back and I extend my neck. He places kisses from my ear lobe down my neck to my collarbone. All over my body goosebumps come in strong. Daddy brings his perfect lips to my cheek and whispers “get on your knees, girl.” I fall to my knees and I know that is officially time for some daddy daughter fun. When he stands in front of me and looks down at my big brown eyes. His gaze looks as if he is ready to just devour me. He tells me to close my eyes. I am quick to be obedient and immediately shut them. I hear his fingers undo his button and I hear him eagerly unzip his pants. He then says open “open your mouth, you sexy little wet bitch.” His dick head lip meets my lips and I am ready to suck his cock.

 I dare not tease daddy with mouth games. 

I am his little sweet girl who desires to be taken and controlled. His dick dives deep into my mouth. Emerging into my throat. He moves his cock in and out of my mouth with so much ease as I am his perfect little fuck toy. As daddy continues to move in and out of my mouth he utters the words “right now, you are mine, right now, you are my little slut and it’s daddy daughter fun time!” I gasp for air as he fucks my mouth thoroughly. His dick growing pulsing and throbbing hard! With each thrust, I feel his cock twitching and yearning for my sweet bubble gum pink pussy hole! He is so horny and little did I know the little red thong panties that I am still wearing as daddy fucks my face are so sloppy wet. 

I have drenched right through my panties and even through my shorts.

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He grabs a hold of his raging hard-on.

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