My daddy and I have always been close. We have a special relationship that I love. He tells me I am the apple of his eye. No one has a daddy like me and I love that I am so special. This year’s Daddy Daughter Dance is this weekend. My friends and I are so excited to go this year. Now that we are older and more mature than last year.

Everybody wants to be us. We are the cool kids, super popular with others begging to be part of our group. Not just anyone can get in, you have to be connected with our families and in the dad/daughter group. Outsiders have no clue how awesome our lives really are and we love that. Our daddies love us more than most, so we walk around knowing that we are better than those other people.

The Daddy Daughter Dance is tonight and I am so excited!

Mommy is helping me get ready tonight. I am wearing big girl stockings, a new bra and panty set just like mommy wears! Jenny’s mom shopped with my mom and we are matching. Not our dresses of course, but our bras, panties, slips, and stockings are all the same. She is my best friend. Therefore, we do lots the same way and share our secrets.

My dress has an open neck with tiny straps over my shoulders. Looking at myself I look like a younger version of mommy. Then mommy does my hair and makes it look like a model’s hair. As I sit in front of the mirror, I am transformed by the make up mommy puts on me. I am a big girl now. This night is so special and I feel so grown up now.

I feel like a princess, standing at the top of the stairs looking down at Daddy.

He is smiling up at me, brimming with pride. I am careful as I walk down the stairs in these heels. There are so new and definitely hard to walk in. Jenny and I will be laughing at each other all night. As I take daddy’s arm he puts a flower bracelet on my wrist and leans in to kiss me. Mommy is taking a ton of pictures as my siblings tease me.

Mommy hands me my coat and daddy slips it over my shoulders. I am bursting with excitement to get to the dance. I know everyone will be so jealous of us. My tummy has butterflies in it as we drive to school. Jenny and her dad are waiting in front of the school as we pull in. I jump out and almost fall with these heels on. Jenny and I are laughing hysterically as our daddies roll their eyes.

The gym is so pretty with all the decorations.

Daddy takes my coat and as he does so, runs his hand over my ass. I look up and smile knowingly at him. Jenny and I see our friends and head over to hug them. We all look so grown up. WE are no longer little girls like last year. Our daddies have brought us into womanhood and we know more than other girls our age. This Daddy Daughter Dance is the start of our sexually mature lives.

All the boys look at us differently, Knowing we can do more for them than little girls in our grade. I love how they look at me with lust in their eyes, but they are so immature compared to my Daddy. He is smart, strong and as mommy says, “So sexy!” None of the little boys in my class can do for me what daddy does.

My daddy gives me the gift of orgasms.

He and Jenny’s dad have a hotel for after the dance. One of the things we do together is playing with our daddy’s. They like to share us and we love the attention and fun we all have. This is a really nice hotel with a pool and hot tub. I am so excited to be naughty with my daddy, Jenny, and her daddy. These experiences have led to my amazing skills with ageplay phone sex.

We are a real incest xxx family. Our whole family plays together and Daddy has found other families like us. We have our own special community and enjoy the fun with others. This Daddy Daughter Dance provides an opportunity for the dads and oldest daughters to get alone time. I bet you want to be a fly on the wall in that hotel room…call me to hear more about our special night!