Daddy, Please Fill Me Up With Your Delicious Cream Pie

Fill me up daddy, is exactly what I told him. I love cream pie, but I especially love it when daddy gives it to me. There’s nothing like a heaping serving of daddy’s delicious creampie and who better to eat it, then mommy?!?! The way that she watches him make his deposit and how eagerly she jumps right in to eat it is nothing short of erotic. It all started when I a bit younger, just before I left for college. What turned out to be punishment for me acting like a disrespectful brat, turned out to be a kinky little incestual rendezvous.

It started when I was brought rudely to my mother.

She was pissing me off and frankly, I got tired of hearing her in my ear. So, I told her to shut the fuck up. Immediately after I said it, my father came in and gripped me up by my arm. I said, “What the fuck are you doing? I am not a child anymore!” Of course, as most parents like to say, he said, ” As long as you’re living under my roof, you will respect your mother and me. Period!” Well, normally I wouldn’t have been fond of him manhandling me like that, but there was something to be said about him coming to his wife’s rescue.

The smell of his cologne mixed with the fact that I was already horny, which is exactly why I got pissy with my mom, to begin with, was driving me nuts. At some point I must have turned him out, just thinking about him manhandling me and his wife (my mother) watching because he jerked me closer to his face and yelled at me. It was at that moment or shortly thereafter that daddy took me up to my bedroom by my arm.

He said perhaps I needed one final lesson before I headed off to school in Michigan.

As he yanked me up the stairs, mommy followed. I think she liked it and was probably getting horny herself. I just think that, because she and I are a lot alike! Anyway, daddy threw me on my bed and what happened next started a series of events that I could never get tired of. You see, I was wearing a skirt that day and well, I wasn’t wearing any panties. When daddy threw me on the bed, my legs went flying open and it revealed to him and mommy my freshly shaven pussy. They both stood there and stared at it. I could see the sweat dripping down daddy’s face as he continued to star. Mommy was almost looking at it in envy and I knew she was thinking something naughty.

They must have come to their senses because a few mins later I looked up at their faces and they were looking right at me. I looked at daddy and said, “It’s OK, I don’t mind! Mommy can watch!” I no sooner muttered out the words, when he took a nose dive right into my snatch. Daddy ate me so well until I came all over his face. Next, daddy unzipped his fly, pulled his cock out and began to fuck me. Fuck me he did and I loved every single minute of it. Daddy pumped and pumped, as mommy watched with excitement. At one point, she started to play with her hot box, as she watched her husband fuck me.

Finally, after about 30 mins of being railed so fucking hard.

Daddy made his deposit! Not just any deposit, daddy made a nice heaping serving of cream pie for mommy. What I didn’t know is that mommy often eats her husband’s pies, this was just the first pie out of her own daughter. Alas, it certainly wasn’t going to be her last. Do you want to know how mommy cleaned me right up? Listen as I tell you how mommy lapped up every single drop!

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